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Reporting with Square for Restaurants

With Square for Restaurants, you have access to restaurant-specific reporting to help you track your best selling items, employee sales and much more. While most of your reporting lives on your Square Dashboard under the Reports tab, you’ll also have access to specialized reports like shift, sales, cash drawer and close of day reports right in your Square for Restaurants App.

If you are new to Square reporting, check out our Summaries and Reports to help you get started navigating the Square Dashboard.

In-App Reporting

To view your Restaurants app reports, head to the Account tab. On Square Register tap Utilities.

  • Run Shift Report: For employee looking for a running total of sales, open bills and cash owed to the house.

  • Cash Drawer Report: View cash sales and tip out employees using the Paid In/Out feature.

  • View Sales Report: Typically for employees with manager passcode access, the Sales Report is a comprehensive overview of the day’s sales organized by category, item and payment type.

  • Run Close of Day: The Close of Day report will close out all open bills and remaining cash drawers, and run your service report. You’ll typically only want to run your Close of Day report once your restaurant closes for the night.

Shift Reporting

Shift reports are broken up into five main sections:

Shift Summary

The Shift Summary section displays the details on the total time worked by an employee in a given time period.

Tip Details

The Tip Details section breaks down accepted payments and how they impact your employees earned tips.

  • Cash Sales shows the total cash transactions accepted by an employee.

  • Non-Cash Tips shows the total tips from credit card transactions accepted by an employee.

  • Cash Owed to You is used for businesses that pays out credit card tips in cash at the end of a shift. This number will represent the value of credit card tips that are over the cash accepted by this employee.

  • Cash Owed to House will show the amount of cash an employee should have in their bank after paying themselves tips.

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary section details the total covers and total dollar amount collected from those covers during your employees shift.

Category Sales

Category Sales displays the number of items in each of your categories that your employee sold during their shift.

Item Sales

Item Sales shows the number of individual items sold by your employee during their shift.

Dashboard Reporting

You can find a suite of advanced reporting tools in the Reports tab of your online Square Dashboard.

Your Sales Summary report gives you a high level view of sales for a given time period. You can view the broad-stroke performance of your restaurants by taking a look at the graph representations, or drill down further by filtering by location, employee or menu.

Generate Reports and Apply Filters

In addition to the basic summary, you can organize and generate several different reports to view various data sets: sales trends, payment methods, items, categories, sections or individual employees. Each report contains a tool bar of customizable options – so you can refine your reports and filter your view online.

For example: You can customize your Item Sales report to see how many BLT sandwiches were sold at 4 of your 6 restaurant locations in the last 6 weeks, specifically during dinner service.

Category Rollup Reporting

When you create a Category Rollup, you’ll be able to group and view the sales for several categories at once. Category Rollups are visible from your Category Sales and Item Sales reports online, and will also display on your in-app Employee Shift and Close of Day reports.

Category Rollup Details

For example: If you have three item categories (Liquor, Beer and Wine), you can create a Category Rollup Alcohol to review the performance of all three categories. You can also apply additional filters on the Category Sales report (such as date, time of day and employee) to help you drill down further into your item sales.

Just make sure you’ve set up item categories online first.

To get started:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, head to Reporting > Reports > Category Sales.

  2. Click Rollups.

  3. Select multiple item categories. When you’re all set, tap Create a Category Rollup.

Keep in mind, although you’ll see your Category Rollups for both online and in-app category reports, you will not see a change to your item layout or menu display on the Restaurants app. Rollups are for reporting purposes only.

Once you create your Category Rollup, you can apply your new filters to your Item Sales report.

Category Rollup

Export Your Reports

Square for Restaurants allows you to export a CSV file directly to your desktop or send reports to connected accounting software.

To download a custom report:

  1. Go to the report you’d like to export.

  2. Click Export Report in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select CSV or the accounting app connected to your Square Account.

Your report will automatically download to your computer or send directly to the connected accounting app.

Learn more about Square for Restaurants reporting – including customizing your closing procedures, Shift Reports, and your Close of Day report.

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