Top-Selling Products For WFH Sales In 2022

Top-Selling Products For WFH Sales In 2022
What are the best-selling products online right now? Learn how you can market & sell trending products in 2022 and boost your WFH business. Visit Square.
by Square Dec 28, 2021 — 3 min read
Top-Selling Products For WFH Sales In 2022

The last two years have seen a marked shift in the working trends of citizens across the world – businesses have thrived catering to these consumers, providing work from home products and gadgets to the masses. Every business wants to know how to find top selling products – those who sold work from home technology prior to the pandemic got lucky. It’s not always this easy, however, keeping up with eCommerce trends can help you find the next best work from home product for 2022.

How to sell from home

Selling from home becomes simpler with every year that passes. Online platforms allow you to get up and running as quickly as possible! These platforms manage the checkout process and use payment providers like Square to deposit your profits straight into your bank account. Simply sign up, design your website, and find the best trending products to sell.

Understanding the e-commerce landscape

The eCommerce landscape has changed dramatically since the creation of the internet. Big companies like Amazon and eBay revolutionised the eCommerce space in the early days of the internet. The new eCommerce landscape is dominated by SME who are transitioning away from traditional physical locations. Many businesses had plans to do this over the next few years – however, the pandemic expedited this process.

6 new products to sell in 2022

To succeed in eCommerce, you need to find the right products and understand how to market them accurately. Using the adage, find the demand, be the supplier – business owners can understand how to find the best products to sell. Work from home technology is still in demand moving into 2022 – to be successful in selling this category of products – find the trends, list the products, and reap the rewards. This article contains a comprehensive list of the best products to sell from home in 2022.

1. Posture correctors

Consumers have been slaving away at their kitchen benches for the better part of two years – posture has been sidelined as people across the world slouch over. Posture correctors are worn like a backpack and force the consumer to arch their back in a manner consistent with good posture. Products like this directly contribute to consumers wellbeing and have been in high demand, that is expected to continue into 2022.

2. Portable cleaning machines

Portable washing machines and dishwashers are every household’s dream – sit at your desk while a machine cleans your house for you. In an age where household visitors have been limited, consumers have been allowing smaller robot visitors into their houses – these visitors traverse their way throughout the house, cleaning all day. The famous Roomba was a disk-shaped device that vacuumed autonomously – if your customers have kids, this is the work from home product that they need! Market the product as a timely alternative to traditional house cleaning or in any other way you think your customers will positively respond.

3. Bluetooth speakers

2020 and 2021 saw us say farewell to concerts and live performances. That didn’t mean that people across the world couldn’t have their own, at home, dance party. Family dance parties graced the Friday nights of households worldwide as everyone worked from home. As great as our phone speakers are, they don’t provide the awesome audio that at home party goers are looking for. As venue limits carry into 2022, house parties are the better choice – provide consumers with top-quality audio and sell Bluetooth speakers. As the northern hemisphere enters winter and the southern hemisphere enters summer there has never been a better opportunity to capture the Bluetooth speaker market.

4. Hair removal devices

We all saw some appalling haircuts over the last two years – maybe it was someone in your household or a stranger you saw on the streets. Regardless, they could have used high quality hair removal devices to maintain their personal grooming over the pandemic. Encourage your customers who are working from home to groom themselves and maintain presentability – add new products to your store such as beard trimmers or specialised hair scissors to ensure that your customers have a wide choice to deal with their ‘hairy’ situation.

5. Subscription boxes

Subscription based products and services have risen markedly in popularity over the last 5 years. A new product that has been created through this increased popularity are subscription boxes. These boxes are most commonly sent to consumers every month or quarter and can contain a plethora of products. From haircare, grooming, tech, and pet toys – there is a subscription box for everything. As retail stores remained closed, services that provided subscription-based staples to consumers working from home flourished. What subscription box could you create for those working from home in 2022?

6. Toys & games

As consumers’ ability to visit restaurants and bars has been limited, many have relegated their Friday and Saturday’s nights to game nights with their families or housemates. Cater to young and old with toys and games – from board-based games to card-based games, there is fun to be had from everybody working from home. Find products to sell such as Monopoly or the traditional snakes and ladders game and market them as a fun night in! Everyone needs a break from work, especially when working from home, so expect demand to surge well into 2022.

Square can help you successfully sell from home

Square has a suite of innovative products helping you sell just about anything from home! Our eCommerce solutions can help you create a checkout link and add payments to your site. Its eCommerce made easy! With our eCommerce offering, you can manage risk and prevent loss online as well as sync your sales across all square systems.

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