Accept Payments from Your Web Browser with Square Virtual Terminal

Accept Payments from Your Web Browser with Square Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal gives you the ability to accept [payments][2] directly from a web browser via Square Dashboard. Read more on Townsquare
by Square Feb 22, 2017 — 2 min read
Accept Payments from Your Web Browser with Square Virtual Terminal

Square sellers know that their smartphone or tablet is a vital business tool, but we’ve also heard that many of you rely on your computer for back-office operations because it allows you to access tools and features that might not be available or optimised for an iOS or Android device.

Square Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway

Today, we’re launching a new way for Australian businesses to accept every payment with Square — Virtual Terminal. Virtual Terminal gives you the ability to accept payments directly from a web browser via Square Dashboard. If you’re manually keying in a transaction, you no longer need a separate device to process the payment — simply log in to your Dashboard, enter the details and the payment will be complete in seconds.

Virtual Terminal is the ideal tool for service providers, contractors, accountants and all those who run their entire business from their computer and don’t regularly accept payments from customers face to face.

Virtual Terminal was built using seller feedback, and is designed to extend our fully featured ecosystem of tools empowering sellers to accept every payment—whether you’re using Square Reader for face-to-face card acceptance, Square Invoices to bill customers, Square API for E-Commerce for online payments, and now Square Virtual Terminal. This new tool incorporates features to simplify how you accept keyed-in card payments:


Jeremy Turner, General Manager at InstallEx, a national business that supplies end to end installation and construction services for exhibitions, events, joinery, store displays and fit-outs, uses Square Virtual Terminal to simplify the process of accepting keyed-in card payments. “We have both site staff and office staff, and it’s easy for the site staff to accept payments from clients on their phone using Square Reader. On the other hand, the office staff are usually taking a payment over the phone — previously, you had to call in every payment, and a staff member in the head office had to stop what they’re doing to push the payment through. Using Virtual Terminal, office staff can take the payment faster, in multiple locations, and they can stay on the phone with the client without having to use the app. Not only do we pay lower fees, but we’ve got a dozen people all taking payments at the same time on site and in the office using Square.“

Virtual Terminal transactions are charged at a low rate of 2.2% per transaction for any Visa, MasterCard, JCB, or American Express credit or debit card. Learn more about Square Virtual Terminal here.

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