Set Up Your Menu Or Inventory In Square Point of Sale

Set Up Your Menu Or Inventory In Square Point of Sale
How to create an item library in Square Point of Sale.
by Square May 20, 2016 — 1 min read
Set Up Your Menu Or Inventory In Square Point of Sale

As your inventory list or menu expands, creating an item library in Square Point of Sale is a feature that will help you improve checkout speed and increase accuracy. If this is a task you’ve been delaying, here are five reasons you shouldn’t wait any longer. And even better, Square Point of Sale has a simple way to get even the largest item libraries set up.

How to set up your menu and inventory in Square Point of Sale:

  1. Speed through the queue: When you input your menu or inventory into Square Point of Sale, you can process sales faster and reduce errors.
  2. Give your customers better receipts: Automatic itemised receipts — that you and print or send digitally — help ensure your customers are armed with everything they need to claim expenses, track their budget or manage taxes.
  3. See what you’re selling: Tracking sales by item allows you to manage and report on sales by product and product category in Square Dashboard.
  4. Manage your inventory: Input your inventory numbers into Square Dashboard and track inventory levels on every item you sell. You can also create alerts to notify you when stock is getting low.
  5. Manage just one item library: Your Square item library can be updated on an entire account or location level from Square Dashboard, making it simpler for you to manage your menus and items across your entire business.

Lots of items to set up?

With our Bulk Item Import tool, you can set up or modify many items at once. Check it out here.

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