Open Tickets Make Work Easier at Melbourne’s Iconic Bars

Open Tickets Make Work Easier at Melbourne’s Iconic Bars
Explore how Melbourne's bars & cafes boost service with Square Point of Sale's Open Tickets. Streamline orders, elevate customer experience.
by Square May 29, 2015 — 1 min read
Open Tickets Make Work Easier at Melbourne’s Iconic Bars

‘Put it on my tab’ — easy for a customer to say, but not always so easy for a bartender to settle at the end of the night. That’s why many of Melbourne’s renowned bars and cafes are taking advantage of Square Point of Sale’s newest free feature, Open Tickets, which lets business owners keep tickets open with the tap of a button.

Many bars rely on a manual paper system to keep track of their customers’ open tabs. The bartenders will record orders on a written receipt which are stored until the customer is ready to settle the bill. The system is messy, and it’s easy to make errors.

To help improve this, Square added Open Tickets, a new, free addition to our powerful point of sale. It’s another example of how seller feedback has helped us create new features to make business easier. You can create an open ticket with just a tap and add new items with ease. New items added to an open ticket print to the connected receipt printer to ensure that service stays fast and orders aren’t missed—so bartenders can spend more time making great drinks.

Ponyfish Island, the iconic island bar on Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra River, uses Square Point of Sale and Open Tickets to manage their customer orders. Bar Manager Callan tells us that “Square’s Open Tickets feature is one of the best that I’ve used on a POS.”

More of Melbourne’s bars and cafes are making the switch to Square Point of Sale every day, enabling them to run their business better and provide a great customer experience. Features like Open Tickets, paired with other offerings such as on-the-spot item creation, enables you to quickly add new items to the night’s menu, while detailed reporting and analytics identify the most popular drink of the night.

Learn more about Open Tickets and Square Point of Sale by speaking to a member of Square’s Australian team today.

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