11 Benefits of Mobile Invoicing That Might Suprise You

11 Benefits of Mobile Invoicing That Might Suprise You
Get paid quickly with mobile invoicing. Here are 11 top benefits of mobile invoicing, plus learn how easy it is to send invoices for free with Square.
by Square Jun 01, 2018 — 2 min read
11 Benefits of Mobile Invoicing That Might Suprise You

You’ve done the work, now it’s time to get paid. Mobile invoicing is a quick and easy way for business owners to get paid fast. Here’s a rundown of what mobile invoicing is, its benefits to your business, and how to send mobile invoices free within the Square POS app.

What is mobile invoicing?

Mobile invoicing is an easy way to bill your customers right from your mobile device so they can pay you quickly and securely. Now you can send and manage electronic invoices free through Square’s free POS app on your phone or tablet. Send an unlimited amount of invoices free and only pay for each invoice that’s paid securely online.

Why mobile invoices?

They’re really convenient. Over 80 percent of small business owners use mobile devices at least once a day to help run their business, according to research by Manta. Small business owners aren’t always in front of their computers, but they always have their phones at hand. Now you can send and manage invoices through our point-of-sale app, which makes it easier than ever to get paid fast for your hard work.

As soon as you finish a job, you can send a mobile invoice from your phone no matter where you are. There’s no need to wait until you’re at your computer or to send paper invoices in the mail.

Mobile Invoicing Benefits

Using mobile invoices within Square Register

Square’s mobile invoicing feature is conveniently located inside your free Square POS app. Using our in-app, customizable invoice templates, you can invoice from anywhere and send unlimited invoices free.

How to use our mobile invoicing app feature

Using Square’s mobile invoicing feature is quick and easy. Here’s how to send invoices:

  1. Download Square’s free POS app, which lets you take credit card payments and send professional-looking invoices all from your mobile device.
  2. Select Invoices from the navigation menu.
  3. Tap Create Invoice.
  4. Enter your customer’s name and email address, then tap Add to Invoice.
  5. If you want to send this invoice at a later date, tap the Send option and choose another send date.
  6. Tap Add Item to add items from your item library, or enter a custom amount.
  7. Tap Send.

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