Why Hasn't my Square Hardware Arrived?

You should never have an issue receiving your hardware order through Square. Depending on your shipping options, your hardware will arrive anywhere between the next business day and 10 business days.

Magstripe Reader Orders

Check Your Account

The first thing that you will want to do is check the status of your Square Account. Make sure that you’ve completed the signup flow and that your account is activated for card processing. If not, complete the process, and we’ll send you a reader.

If your account is active, double-check that the shipping address on file is accurate. If it’s not, update your information, and request a new reader.

Hardware Orders

Check Your Hardware Order

If your account is set up correctly, you’ll next need to check your order.

From the Square Shop, click login and select your order.

If your order has been fully processed, you can track your order by selecting Track Order on your hardware order – your reader may still be in transit.

Note: You can also follow along via the shipment email from our tracking partner Narvar. You should receive a confirmation email and shipping confirmation email from Narvar once your order has been processed and shipped.

While You are Waiting for Your Hardware

While you’re waiting for your reader to arrive, you can manually enter payments from the Square app, send Square Invoices, or process payments using the Virtual Terminal in your online Square Dashboard.

If you need a reader immediately, pick one up at a participating retail store.

Learn more about: Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

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