Smart customer management that leads to better customer relationships.

Square Customer Directory

All contacts, one location

You’re already using Square to run your business — now you can manage and track vital customer information in the same place.

Syncs with your business

Put your customer information to work. Use your Customer Directory to send invoices; or save a customer’s payment card information for faster checkout.

Understand your customers

Sort and search customers and see their spending habits with powerful customer management software.

Make notes for next time

Never forget valuable customer preferences—simply add notes to a customer’s profile for future reference.


Add to your customer list — right at the point of sale.

Square Customer Directory stores vital customer information, so you can better serve your customers. Upload your existing customer list or manually add a customer’s details right at the point of sale. Access your information anytime, anywhere via the Square Point of Sale app or in your Square Dashboard.

Import your existing customer lists

No need for hours of cutting and pasting. Square’s client management software uploads a CSV of your customers straight into the Directory. Add any additional information and edit, group and manage customers directly from your Dashboard.

Save time with Instant Profiles.

Say goodbye to customer lists on spreadsheets — key information is automatically added to your Directory after each purchase. Plus, customer profiles integrate with Invoices and Appointments to make business a little easier.

Save cards on file

Store payment details for your regulars. Charge them at a tap of a button to save time at checkout, or charge them remotely.

Personalize every customer experience.

Track important sales details, get answers about orders and contact customers if needed. Direct Messaging lets you send a personal message to a customer, right from their profile.

Make a note for next time.

Always know valuable customer preferences. Simply add notes to your customer’s profile for future reference so you can make each customer feel valued and important.

See customer visits and sales.

View your customers’ purchase history to better understand what your customers are buying and when they’re visiting — so you can provide more personalized service.



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