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Virtual Terminal

What’s a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a payments terminal that can accept credit and debit cards. It’s perfect for remote billing or taking credit card payments over the phone or by mail or fax.

Make payments simple to accept and track.

Charge cards from your computer

Key in card payments from any computer browser. No special equipment or devices are required. Accept both credit and debit card payments in person when you wirelessly connect to Square Terminal.

Record all types of payments

Accept and record cash, card payments, cheques, Square Gift Cards and other payments from your computer.

Split any transaction

Split any transaction across different payment methods, including cash, Square Gift Cards or multiple credit and debit cards.

Provide better service with free tools.

Speed up checkout

Set up the item library of your goods and services, taxes and discounts so you can quickly charge customers.

Issue receipts

Email, text or print professional receipts for every payment from your computer. Collect customer feedback with every digital receipt.

Schedule recurring payments

Bill your customers for recurring payments on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, and securely store customer card information on file.

Manage and run your business easily.

Keep track of your business

Stay up to date using the real-time reporting tools in your Square Dashboard.

Learn more about Square Dashboard >

Create better customer relationships

Create customer profiles, add notes and view purchase histories using Square Customer Directory.

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Access your funds quickly

Get paid as fast as the next business day or set up a manual transfer so you can control when your funds get sent to your bank account.

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Take in-person payments, too.

Customize your solution to fit your needs

Connect Square Terminal wirelessly with your computer for smooth in-person transactions.

Accept every kind of payment

Let customers tap credit or debit cards, insert chip and PIN or pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Record cash, cheques, Square Gift Cards and other payments with your computer.

See how to use Virtual Terminal for in-person payments.

Integrated with the rest of your business.

  • Automatically sync with other Square solutions like Square Point of Sale, Square Invoices and more.
  • Quickly export Virtual Terminal transactions to accounting software such as QuickBooks.
  • Easily download and analyze records with data tools like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

We’ve got your back.

Data security

We keep card data safe from end to end and track fraudulent cards to protect you and your customers.

Dispute management

When payment disputes occur, our team of experts deals with the bank for you so you can focus on your business.

All-in-one setup

Your Square account gives you everything you need to take payments – no need to visit the bank.

Online refunds

Process customer refunds for payments directly from your online Square Dashboard.

24/7 support

Our highly trained support team is available via phone or email. Use online resources, such as the Square Seller Community forum and Square Support Centre, to find answers to many common questions.


Monthly fee


Per month. No commitments, no long-term contracts.

Remote processing fee

3.4% + 15¢

Per typed-in transaction

In-person processing fee


For all major credit cards


Flat fee per Interac chip and PIN or tap

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Virtual Terminal can accept Interac chip and PIN payments only when connected to Square Terminal.

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What can I actually do with Virtual Terminal?

You can use Virtual Terminal to charge customers, itemize sales and create recurring payments to save time and get paid faster.

Why are Virtual Terminal payments priced differently?

Manually entered, keyed-in card transactions are a potentially higher risk than in-person transactions because the cardholder isn’t standing in front of the merchant where an ID can be checked and a PIN number entered into the payment terminal. So card networks put measures in place to protect against this potentially higher risk of fraud, including charging Square higher fees.

How can I get started with Square Virtual Terminal?

First, you need to sign up for your free account with Square. In Square Dashboard, click Virtual Terminal, then Take a Payment. Enter the amount and click Charge. More detailed steps below.

Does Virtual Terminal work for Windows or Mac?

Both. Square Virtual Terminal works as a Mac POS system or a Windows POS system. Because it’s browser based, it’s just a digital point of sale that lets you offer credit card processing, regardless of what operating system you use.

What is the difference between a quick charge vs. an itemized sale?

A quick charge is when you want to enter just the amount of the transaction. An itemized sale is possible after setting up an item library for your items or services, which provides you with better insights into sales and gives your customers more detailed receipts.

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