See it all in Square Messages.

Square Messages puts texts and email between you and your customers in one place. You can stop searching, scrolling and switching between apps.


“Are you doing in-home installs?”

– Paulina Rios, needs new bookshelf

Never miss a sale

When a happy customer asks about a product or placing a big order tomorrow, use Square Messages to send more details, an estimate and a thank-you text right away. Always be ready to move quickly on opportunities.


“I think you forgot
 my slice of cake!”

– Erin Hills, loves Cate’s Deli’s desserts

Go above and beyond

Offer the best customer experience by replying to feedback. Keep customers’ messages, favourite products and recent services at your fingertips – you have easy access to the details that help you build relationships.


“Sorry, I won’t be able to make it until after 5. Can I reschedule?”

– Lauren Noble, Iris & Onyx’s one o’clock

Focus on what you do best.

Stop searching, scrolling and switching between apps.
Focus on what you do best: running your business.