Square Risk Manager

Fight fraud on your terms.

Get alerted to suspicious online payments and automatically block risky sales on your website.

Stay protected with advanced fraud monitoring.

Square uses sophisticated machine learning to spot and block fraud and secure businesses of all sizes.

Payment monitoring

Every payment is screened to discover suspicious online transactions.

Machine learning

Fraud patterns are automatically identified and adapted to fit your business.

Risk evaluations

Each online transaction is evaluated with the results accessible in your Square Dashboard.

Included free

Fraud monitoring services are included with your online processing rate – there are no additional fees.

Manage risk with powerful, easy-to-use tools.

For businesses looking for more fraud protection, Square now offers Risk Manager, a customizable risk management system. Upgrade and get started in minutes.

Assess risky payments

Review suspicious payment alerts at a glance. Get details on why each payment may be risky and take action to prevent fraudulent disputes.

Block repeat fraud

Add suspicious cards to your block list or manually block alerted payments to help prevent repeat fraudsters from making purchases on your website.

Advanced analytics allow you to easily see fraud activity in your website sales and let you optimize your rules to match your risk tolerance.

Make your own rules

Noticing a trend? You know your business best, so create alerts and set rules that automatically control when you accept a payment and when you do not.

There are many ways to sell online with Square.

Build your site with Square Online store, process payments with Square through top eCommerce platforms or develop a custom solution with Square’s APIs. You get access to Risk Manager whichever way you choose.

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