Square Advanced Access

Greater security at your fingertips.

Increase your business security, gain team member insights and customize your team’s access to POS, Dashboard and Team app so you can go on cruise control.

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Whether you run a food truck or a growing franchise, Square Advanced Access allows your team members to be there when you can’t be there yourself.

Feature spotlight

Team member badges

And more ways to get the most out of Square Advanced Access.

Enhanced security for your POS system

Team members can pair passcodes with team member badges to get access to only what they need, even when you can’t be there yourself.

Ease and speed for your team

Empower your team with faster logins, clock ins and overrides with just one tap.

Unique workflows to meet your needs

Use team member badges with your Square Reader, Square Register or Square Stand with built-in card reader.

Pride and unity

Strengthen your team’s sense of belonging and ownership on Square POS.


“We really like the team badges. We use them exclusively for our management and supervisor group who have a higher level of permissions. It helps us keep our system secure.”

Rachelle Roulston,
Project Manager, Calgary Sports and Entertainment

Square Advanced Access

Uplevel your security and control for your business.


per location

Everything works together with Square Staff.

Customize the way you manage your team. Square Staff tools work together seamlessly so your team can, too.

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Have questions?

  • What is Square Advanced Access and why do I need it?

    As you grow your business and your team, use Square Advanced Access to customize your team’s access in Dashboard, POS and Team app through unlimited custom permission sets and monitoring tools, allowing you to delegate key activities. Pair with team member badges to increase security even further– team members can use badges to clock in and out, complete transactions and more while you can sit back and monitor activity through the team member activity log. Square Advanced Access works best for sellers using any Square POS and/or Square Staff products.

  • What hardware is compatible with team member badges?

    Team member badges are compatible with Square Reader, Square Register and Square Stand with a built-in reader.

  • How do I get started with team member badges?

    Once you are subscribed to Square Advanced Access or Square plans where Advanced Access is included, order team member badges from our vendor partner, eCards Systems. Once the badges arrive, pair your badges with easy steps here.

  • What types of reporting do I get with Advanced Access?

    With Advanced Access, you get advanced team member level reporting to help you make decisions for your business or provide coaching for your team. You can monitor actions taken by individual team members through the Activity Log, such as refunds, discounts and voided transactions. With Team sales report, you can run team member level reporting to see how much your team is selling.

  • How will I be charged?

    You will be charged for all active locations with team members. Custom pricing is available depending on the size of your business. Contact sales for more information.