How to Make the Most of Your Business Website This Financial Year

How to Make the Most of Your Business Website This Financial Year
Eighty-five percent of consumers said they think it’s important for a business to have a quality website. Here's six ways to upgrade your's.
by Square Jun 12, 2018 — 2 min read
How to Make the Most of Your Business Website This Financial Year

Strategic omnichannel marketing — a seamless brand experience that includes in-store, mobile, and desktop channels to further engage customers and nurture them along their buying journey — is crucial for acquiring new customers and maintaining current ones we go into the new financial year. And the backbone of a strong omnichannel marketing strategy is a website.

So it’s no surprise that a business having a website is important to consumers — and can influence their decision to purchase from it. New research from Roy Morgan shows that over the year to March 2018, 9.46 million Australians aged 14-plus purchased something online in an average four week period, an increase of 590,000 consumers in just 12 months.

So how are they choosing where to shop and what can you do to your website to ensure that consumers give your business a shot?

The information on your website informs the utility it has for consumers, so the more detail you include, the greater chance consumers will have a good experience. This includes things like pricing information, menus of services or offerings, contact information, and images.

website features

Here’s what you can do right now to ensure that your website is working for you — and not against you:

Keep information current

Keep everything updated, from service and menu offerings to pricing, contact information, hours of operation, and directions. Customers appreciate being kept in the loop, and it keeps incorrect information from floating around.

Put your best foot forward

The site should be easy to navigate, visuals are very important. It’s not necessary to have professional pictures of everything on your menu, or every nook and cranny of your space, but it is important to include some well-lit, composed shots of your space and offerings.

Optimise for mobile

Consumers spend over five hours a day on their phones, so a website built for mobile browsing is crucial. Whatever platform you use, make sure it works as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops.

Implement some SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) ensures your website is at the top of the page when potential customers search for your business. Learn some tips from Square’s own SEO expert.

A social media presence is an important aspect of your online strategy. Be sure your website links to your business’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts so site visitors can keep up with your social content. (Advance your social media strategy with these tips from Square’s expert.

A website is crucial for any business, but for some it can open up a whole new stream of revenue. If you’re looking to upgrade or start an eCommerce site, Square App Marketplace offers a number of options to seamlessly integrate your online presence with your brick-and-mortar space.

Not sure what platform you should use? Learn more about how to choose the best platform for your eCommerce business.

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