Top Tips for Salons this Wedding Season

Top Tips for Salons this Wedding Season
In the southern hemisphere, peak wedding season kicks off in spring, early September, and runs until May when the weather starts to turn cold. We’ve pulled together all the best advice to help you have your best wedding season yet.
by Square Jan 20, 2023 — 4 min read
Top Tips for Salons this Wedding Season

Australia is getting married like never before! Couples who had to reschedule their ceremonies due to the pandemic are finally getting their chance. Many others who got engaged during lockdowns are also celebrating weddings this season. It’s a boom that shows no signs of slowing down, which is great news for hair and beauty salons.

In the southern hemisphere, peak wedding season kicks off in spring, early September, and runs until May when the weather starts to turn cold. We’ve pulled together all the best advice to help you have your best wedding season yet.

Understand the psychology

Who doesn’t love a wedding? But wedding preparations can involve some key pressures. If you, as a salon owner, can solve these pressures for your client then you’re on your way to having a massively successful wedding season.

Traditionally, a wedding is a bride’s big day. She wants to look perfect. For her groom, her family, her guests. But, don’t overlook LBGTQ+ weddings, or the services you can offer the groom’s party, either.

If a bride or groom is going to put themselves in your hands, they need to have 100% confidence and trust that you and your team will make them look and feel fabulous. They need to know that you are the best salon within 100 metaphorical miles of their wedding venue. You need to be the only choice they could think of making.

To win their trust, your salon needs to make a great first impression, inspire confidence and exude skill, style and professionalism. Here’s how!

Show off your wedding work

Weddings are most likely not the only service your salon offers. So make sure customers know it’s something you do – and that you’re damn good at it!

Highlight weddings as a service on your website. Include a dedicated weddings page and a warm, inviting description of the services you offer. Let people know how far you’ll travel, and consider displaying a price breakdown including your group rates for bridal parties; brides-to-be have lot’s of tasks on their lists and your transparency could work in your favour to build trust from the get-go.

Tip: Don’t foreget to ask for client testimonials – they’re an important piece of social proof.

Gernerous, professionally shot images of your work are a must. Ask your clients and their photographer if you can include some of their wedding photographer’s shots on your website and socials.

Tip: Don’t forget to tag all of the vendors involved in the wedding if you are sharing on social media. It’s a great way to share the love, make new connections and expand your audience!

Anyone planning a wedding will be spending time on social media as they look for ideas and inspiration. Make sure your bridal work features regularly in your posts, stories and reels. Plan a mix of professional studio shots and fun behind-the-scenes videos (cute shots of the flower girls – check). On Instagram, use Story Highlights to give your creations a permanent spot at the top of your profile. On Facebook or Pinterest, you can use albums to form a lookbook.

Lastly, if you have a marketing budget, Facebook and Instagram let you target the newly engaged and their friends as distinct advertising audiences.

Offer a complimentary consultation

Offering a free, no-strings-attached consultation not only invites the client in but gives you that much-needed opportunity to show them you’re the perfect choice: patient, attentive and full of amazing ideas.

It’s also a great chance, without going hard sell, of laying out your service package and discussing any group discounts for bringing in the full bridal party.

Tip: After the complimentary consultation – and once the client has said “Yes, I love it!” – Square Contracts enable you to send out a consultation form that captures all your client’s details and key dates alongside their styling preferences and requested services. Automated reminders through Square Appointments can make sure your clients know what appointments they have coming up.

Scheduling that puts time in your hands.

We handle the admin while you do more of what you love.

Get started with Square Appointments

Team up with other businesses

No one business can offer everything that goes into planning a perfect wedding – and that’s a good thing! It creates the opportunity to form a referral network among all the florists, dressmakers, day spas and dance instructors (hey, think laterally) who aren’t your direct competitors.

Consider offering a discount to any customer who does come through such a referral. And send that business friend a handwritten card and a bottle of wine; they’ll remember you and recommend you again.

While you’re at it, book a booth at the next wedding expo in your city. You’ll not only meet loads of potential customers but also those other businesses. Go out of your way to know the top wedding planners in your area – don’t be shy to ask for a coffee date to show them your work and find out what they need.

Make it memorable

The big day has arrived. The bridal or groom’s party are coming to your salon for hair and makeup. (Or maybe it’s a wet shave and lowkey manicure for the men.) Make them feel special by setting aside an exclusive part of the salon – stylish screens can help – and offering them each a glass of champagne. (Or a craft beer if that’s what the boys prefer.) Think mood, music and lighting. Create an experience.

If you are travelling to the client, be sure to pack everything you might need. If you can cover yourself for any last-minute change of mind on the bride’s part, so much the better.

Finish up the session with a gift bag of travel-sized products the bride can use for touch-ups throughout the day and on honeymoon.

Make it a lifelong commitment

You’ve sent your client down the aisle looking fabulous, which should be the beginning of a long, happy marriage – between you and them, that is. Once they’re back from their honeymoon (it doesn’t hurt to wait out the post-wedding chaos), send the happy couple a handwritten congratulatory note to keep them thinking of you. Or, send them a digital note and invite them to join your Loyalty Program. Let them know it was an honour to (insert your service here) and that you’re offering a discount for their first post-wedding appointment. Weddings tend to be catching, so you might want to offer another, mutual discount if they refer a friend for your bridal services.

Now is a also a good time to ask them to post a Google review – another important piece of the social proof puzzle.

That’s it! We hope that with these pointers you’ll be well-prepared for this year’s bumper wedding season and for many to come.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

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