In-Store POS Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales for Your Store

In-Store POS Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales for Your Store
Are you looking to increase sales for your store? Explore these 10 POS marketing tips for driving sales. Learn the benefits of POS marketing with Square today.
by Square Dec 10, 2021 — 4 min read
In-Store POS Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales for Your Store

Everybody knows retailers carefully curate the products approaching the checkout counter. This customer pathway can be created using physical displays with a variety of impulse items to entice customers to pick up an extra purchase. The majority of customers who pick these items up for purchase wouldn’t have done so unless they were presented directly to them.

It’s all about having the right product in the right place, so customers find it at the right time. Not only do they increase your average basket spend, but these low-cost items drive your overall sales. You can use effective in-store POS marketing to your benefit.

What Is In-store POS Marketing?

In-store Point of Sale Marketing is simply a term that describes when you market products or services to customers close to the area where the final sale happens. Products are stocked to fall in the customer’s natural path as they reach the till, and it is a means of increasing sales. The goal of in-store POS marketing is to attract customer’s attention to relevant items. It should also encourage them to make an impulse buy on top of their existing basket of products. It’s aimed at customers who are ready to make a purchase. If you build a strategic POS promotion setup, you can influence your customers’ purchases at the last minute.

The Benefits of In-store POS Marketing

In-store Point of sale Marketing is a highly efficient way to increase sales. One of the reasons for this is that you already have a captive audience. They can’t help but browse the products while they wait in a queue to pay for their goods. Not only that, but they’ve already decided to buy, and low-cost items are easy to justify as an add-on purchase. You may have noticed that major supermarkets opt for magazines and sweets, while outlet stores often stock specialty snacks in their queue barriers. The key is to make it easy for customers to pick something up. A few handy tips below:


10 In-store POS Marketing Tips For Driving Sales

1. Stock Gift Cards

Your till point is the perfect location to stock gift cards. As it’s an easy item to pick up and load when customers can’t think of a gift to purchase for someone. Additionally, a gift card designed with your branding and logo helps increase brand awareness. When the customer gives it to someone else, that person is encouraged to shop your store. Often, people spend over the value of the card for the products they want. Gift cards can also help you drive down cash refunds. By offering to refund onto a gift card, customers then need to return to your store to spend the money, driving more sales.

2. Advertise Your Loyalty Programme

If you have a loyalty program in place in-store point of sale marketing is an excellent way to advertise. Let customers know about the rewards they can get from signing up.

3. Cross-Merchandising

The best impulse items are products that save time and make life easier. You can cross-merchandise to encourage customers to pick up more than one item. For example, your local supermarket may merchandise pasta and sauce in the same section to make your purchase simple. Cold and wet weather approaches, a department store may merchandise their queue area with umbrellas, gloves, and hats. What complementary products do you sell to cross-merchandise at the checkout?

4. Checkout Displays

The simplest way to merchandise an in-storePOS promotion is to use a free-standing or shelved display around the checkout area. Simply stock with inexpensive items to flesh out your in-store point of sale marketing. people often forget about until they’ve joined the queue.

5. Maximise Opportunity with Countertop Displays

Using countertop displays takes in-store POS marketing to the next level. Your customer has already navigated a queue; now they can add more again. This is particularly helpful for smaller units that may not have floorspace or fixtures to build a compelling in-store POS promotion.

6. Utilise Dumpers

Dumpers, or dump bins, are a great tool to push loose products. Everything from bargain biscuits to stocking fillers or games and DVDs. Dump bins are an excellent way to shift clearance, while driving impulse buys.

7. A Cause

Consumers are more charity-minded than ever, and you can use an in-store POS promotion to let your customers know what causes your business supports. Do you partner with community causes? Do you support national charities? If so, use In-store POS Marketing to let your customers know what you stand for and how they can get involved. It helps build customer loyalty, inspires them to action, and can attract new customers too. People like shopping with companies that share similar values.

8. A Demonstration Station

You might use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the key features of a particular product. Or to set up a sampling station for a new drink or snack you are launching.

9. Create a Free-Standing Display

This is another excellent option for smaller stores that may not have a lot of floor space to work with. A freestanding unit may take up less space, and you can stock them with a variety of items, from books to makeup..

10. The Call To Action

No In-store Point of Sale Marketing would be complete without a call to action. People are more likely to buy if it reads buy now, last chance, or try me. A call to action is simply any display that prompts a sale. Make it simple, but bold. Keep it short and sweet, with eye-catching terms that are sure to grab attention.

Whichever POS marketing ideas you implement, be sure to position wisely. The placement of each display will be critical, and because it’s front and centre, you need to ensure it remains well-stocked and tidy. In terms of marketing, the effort doesn’t end once the customer is in store. It’s up to you to use effective POS marketing to increase your sales and drive your business.

In-store POS Marketing is an opportunity to maximise your selling space, boost sales, and provide your customers with products and information they may have otherwise missed. It doesn’t just add to your bottom line; POS Marketing can help you build customer loyalty as well.

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