How to Use Facebook Live for Your Small Business

How to Use Facebook Live for Your Small Business
Preparation is key when you're leveraging Facebook Live. Here's how to get started.
by Ali Areson Nov 18, 2019 — 3 min read
How to Use Facebook Live for Your Small Business

It’s no secret that Facebook Live is taking off for businesses. Worldwide, 47 percent of livestream viewers have live-streamed more content than they did a year prior. This creates a huge opportunity for brands to utilise Facebook Live to connect with their audiences, especially when Facebook is still the number one platform used by Australians, with 16 million users.

Research shows that live-streamed content can also be a powerful marketing tool. People love real-time interaction and it shows: 73 percent of consumers claim an increased amount of product and brand understanding after seeing and engaging with live video.

If you decide to conduct a Facebook Live streaming session as part of a smarter marketing strategy, preparation is key. It’s important to pair information or a focus with authenticity to give your community an opportunity to learn about you firsthand. Here are some Facebook Live tips to get you started.

Why should your business utilise Facebook Live?

How can my business get started with going Live?

When are the best times to leverage the Facebook Live feature?


If you’re hosting a promotional party for your business, appearing at a community event, or have a timely event on your Facebook content calendar that your audience would be interested in engaging with, go for it. This gives you something to talk about, and a chance to bring the exclusivity of an event to the users who can’t be there through Facebook Live streaming.


You can host giveaways straight from your Facebook Live and engage your audience by enticing them to comment with ideas or thoughts that ladder up to your brand values, and then rewarding them for it. For example: Win a $20 Gift Card — comment with your favourite [flavour/colour/SKU] of [Your Brand]! Giveaways are a great way to leverage social media for small businesses.

Kicking off campaigns

Are you starting a new product launch, beginning a special promotion, or itching to get the word out about a particular marketing campaign? Your Facebook Live audience is the perfect place to start. Use the live-stream space to introduce it to them. Showcase your new products, promotions, or announcements, like accepting payments online, with descriptions from the team that knows them best.

Ali Areson
Ali Areson is a brand content strategist with a knack for creating social media content to elevate the brands she works to build. She currently oversees Brand Marketing & Creative at Split Nutrition and spent previous years focusing on content strategies at Walmart, and iHeartRadio.


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