Four Ways to Drive Online Revenue for Your Restaurant

Four Ways to Drive Online Revenue for Your Restaurant
Finding ways to drive additional revenue is essential for restaurateurs. In this article you can find a list of ways you can digitally strategise the growth of your food and beverage business.
by Austin Tedesco Aug 30, 2023 — 2 min read
Four Ways to Drive Online Revenue for Your Restaurant

Finding ways to drive additional revenue is essential for restaurateurs, particularly as 98% say that they plan to take steps to navigate potential economic headwinds in 2023/24. According to the Square Future of Restaurants report, one potentially beneficial strategy: make the most of your website and online presence to generate additional revenue streams for your restaurant or enhance the revenue streams you’re already prioritising in-store.

1. Optimise your online store

Once you’re online ordering page is up and running, take the time to audit what’s working and what’s not. Below is a quick checklist of ways to expand your reach and order volume:

Also, consider how you can expand the offerings in your online store. Canberra restaurant Fricken has found success with different revenue streams, including selling their best performing sauces as part of take home gift packs. If you’re selling things, such as grocery items, cocktail kits or merchandise, Square Online has the tools to make them readily available for your digital customers.

2. Get creative with digital-friendly subscriptions and loyalty programs

Once you decide on a subscription or loyalty program that fits your business (here are some tips to get started), feature it prominently on your online store and promote it across your social, email and text message channels. This kind of recurring revenue and customer retention can help your business during the natural ebbs and flows of busy and slow times.

3. Offer bundles and online-only deals

Another way to boost interest in your online offerings: push online-only bundles or deals for your customers to drive them to your site more consistently. Below are a few ideas that could fit your restaurant:

Refreshingly easy restaurant tech

Whether you’re a single location offering table service, multilocation QSR, bar or franchise, improve the flow of orders and find more ways to keep profit in your pocket. Get the flexible restaurant POS solution your staff can learn in minutes.

4. Streamline private bookings

Private events can be a great source of revenue for restaurants. They come with more predictable costs and labour requirements and can often have higher margins. Rather than relying on email to book these kinds of services, you can use tools, such as Square Appointments and Square Invoices to streamline the booking process for potential clients.

Before moving to Square, Dave Rugendyke of Convoy Commune was working with multiple disjointed systems because the business’ offerings required different payment methods. After researching many software systems, Dave chose Square because it was an all-in-one solution.

“We’d previously used a big bank merchant facility and a separate point of sale system. We had constant issues with the merchant facility and there’d been numerous occasions where we weren’t able to accept card payments. I liked that Square offered a card payment facility as well as a POS system in one. Whilst the percentage fee for payments was higher than a merchant facility, once combined with merchant facility fees and fees charged for a separate POS system or software, Square ended up working out cheaper. I liked the easy availability of hardware, easy setup and also really love the various integrations available.”

Square ConvoyCommune HighRes-11 1

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

Austin Tedesco
Austin Tedesco is an editor at Square covering all things management — from the technical aspects of payroll and taxes to the soft skills that lead to strong teams for any business.


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