Must-Have Hardware Accessories for your POS System

Must-Have Hardware Accessories for your POS System
Learn more about the accessories that modern point of sale systems require - more than just a cash register.
by Square Sep 30, 2022 — 4 min read
Must-Have Hardware Accessories for your POS System

Modern point of sale (POS) systems are so much more than just cash registers. Today’s POS systems can integrate with various hardware devices and back-end applications such as your accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management software – simplifying your business’s operations.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new POS solution to replace your existing system, choosing the right POS software and hardware can be challenging. Different businesses need different things from their POS systems – a brick and mortar retailer will have different needs to an online store or busy hospitality business.

The right POS system and setup will streamline your operations, provide a seamless customer experience and allow you to run your business efficiently 24/7, wherever you are.

What is a point of sale (POS) system?

A POS system is the combined hardware and software a business uses to process transactions. It lets you calculate the amount owed by a customer, accept payment, and provide a receipt or invoice for their purchase.

What POS hardware do I need for my business?

Quality POS hardware is an investment in your business. Your point of sale system should support you to process sales efficiently and securely while providing administrative value by linking to your back end.

It can be tricky to know what POS hardware will be best for your business, particularly if you’re a start-up or micro business. Sector-specific POS solutions like Square for Retail and Square for Restaurants have been developed for exactly this reason.

Generally, you should look for POS hardware that offers good flexibility, simple usability, easy to read displays, and the ability to integrate features to support future growth. Popular POS hardware components include:

What should I look for in POS software?

Getting your point of sale hardware sorted is only half the battle – for a seamless POS experience, you’ll need the right software too. Look for point of sale software that offers:

How do I get started with Square Point of Sale?

Square Point of Sale is a customisable POS system built to support businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s simple to set up and use, offers advanced functionality and flexible hardware configurations, and there are no setup or monthly fees. Visit the Square website to create a free account and start selling in minutes.

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