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Milly the Space

In Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, sits a beauty salon that has made an impact both locally and globally. Milly The Space is a sustainable salon providing high-end hair services and masterclasses. Through the leadership of owner and hairstylist Amelia Jane Hextell, the Milly The Space team creates beautiful experiences in an elegant space for their customers.

Becoming a beacon in the beauty industry

Milly The Space started spinning gold from humble beginnings. During the pandemic, Amelia converted her garage into a salon. Her instincts for hair transformations quickly grew her clientele and garnered a large following. Soon, a team of one turned into a team of ten.

The hairstylist’s business sense led her to open the Palm Beach salon, start an apparel business, and lead educational courses online and abroad. She credits a big part of the expansion to her online community. Every day she’s filming, editing, snapping and creating content to share her craft with fellow stylists and adoring customers.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. ‘Now, I’m travelling around the globe, hosting master classes and demonstrating the techniques that we produce every day,’ Amelia said.

So easy.

Amelia first heard about Square through a friend who told her about a small white device that could process payments. It was the perfect solution for a seller starting out. The design and convenience matched her aesthetic and her business needs.

With the growth of Milly The Space, Amelia evolved from the Square Reader to Square Terminal. More than anything, she appreciated being able to grow effortlessly. ‘It was so easy. I just purchased the Square Terminal online and set it up. Seamless,’ she shared.

With Square Terminal, Amelia has an all-in-one EFTPOS machine in the palm of her hand. She’s able to accept contactless and card payments and offer buy now, pay later with Afterpay. The ability to review sales reports is also an invaluable feature she takes advantage of.

Hear how Milly The Space benefited from Square Payments.

‘Business has grown incredible amounts since using Square because we started off as a one-man band with one Reader. Now we have a Terminal that we use. We also have a backup terminal.’

Tap to Pay on iPhone is a perfect duo.

As business has grown, the salon has witnessed an increase in customers trying to pay for services at the same time. Amelia sees this as an opportunity to use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

The technology allows the Milly The Space team to take contactless payments with just their iPhone. ‘Our phones are always in our pockets. The convenience of that and being able to use Tap to Pay on iPhone is a perfect duo,’ Amelia said. Now, as the team is posting content throughout the day or when they are on the road, they always have a way to take payments.

The salon has put Square to work by adopting new product innovations. It’s all in service of creating a simple payment experience for stylists and customers.

It’s about elevating the industry as a whole.

Amelia has a clear vision for her business. With an eye on quality, the beauty entrepreneur wants to keep Milly The Space as a unique, bespoke location, expand her apparel offerings and produce more online content.

‘For me it doesn’t end. There’s always room to improve or to grow,’ Amelia admitted. It’s this commitment to excellence that drives her work. ‘It’s about elevating the industry as a whole. It’s about elevating everyone around us. In turn, that helps us as a business because people understand what we’re doing is pretty incredible.’

How Amelia gets work done

Square Reader for contactless and chip + PIN

The gold standard for secure payments, this card reader accepts chip cards, contactless cards and digital wallets.

PD06694 - AUEN Milly the Space Hardware R12

Square Terminal

Our most versatile payment terminal is built to flex. Take it where customers are. Connect it with an existing POS. Print receipts on the spot. Use offline payments to never miss a sale.1

PD06694 - AUEN Milly the Space Hardware T2


Let customers pay in instalments while you get paid upfront with Afterpay. Enable the payment method in your Dashboard to accept buy now, pay later payments.

PD06694 - AUEN Milly the Space Hardware Afterpay

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Take contactless payments with just your iPhone – no hardware needed. Start easily and sell on the go with the latest payment innovation.

PD06694 - AUEN Milly the Space Hardware Tap to Pay

Take payments with confidence.

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1 Reconnect within 24 hours to avoid declined payments. For offline payments terms and conditions, go to Payment Terms at