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Supported Hardware for iPhones

You can connect a compatible third-party printer to the Square app on an iPhone or iPod touch. Below, you’ll find a list of supported hardware, where to purchase it and information on getting set up.

Receipt Printers with Ethernet Interface

Ethernet receipt printers can be used to print customer receipts, order tickets and order ticket stubs. Ethernet-interface printers are best for stationary use and aren’t designed to be mobile. 

The Ethernet printers compatible with the Square app are thermal printers, meaning they require heat-sensitive paper and won’t work with non-thermal receipt paper. These types of printers aren’t ideal for kitchens or high-temperature working areas. 

* Compatible with 80 mm/3” receipt paper.

** Supports both 80 mm and 58 mm receipt paper.

Bluetooth Receipt Printers 

Bluetooth printers are mobile, and well-suited for businesses that don’t require fast or frequent printing. 

* Compatible with 58 mm/2” receipt paper
** Supports 80 mm/3” receipt paper

Impact Kitchen Printer with Ethernet Interface 

Impact printers only print order tickets for a kitchen. They’re not affected by heat and can withstand warm environments.

You can find most of these items on the site Storekit.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

If your inventory utilises barcode technology for tracking purposes, you can connect a barcode scanner directly to your Point of Sale. A barcode scanner allows your cashiers to quickly process items without having to scroll through your item library. Check out our supported barcode scanners for iPhones on our hardware compatibility page.

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