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Choose themes for your Square Online site

Note: Access more themes by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

With themes in Square Online, efficiently build a beautiful website that will engage your buyers. A theme is a template website that helps you visualise the way your site can look, feel and function when first getting started. Use any theme as a foundation to further build upon so you can express your brand identity in a visual and interactive way.

Choose a theme


When first getting started with Square Online, you’ll choose a theme for your website and customise it in the editor. The theme can’t be changed once selected, but you can always change any part of your site after selecting one. To customise multiple design elements at once after choosing a theme, learn more about choosing styles for your Square Online site.

Our Square Online themes are designed to make it easy for anyone to create a great-looking site tailored to their needs. You can change the images, text or arrangement of any content as you see fit. What you’re really looking for when choosing a theme isn’t the imagery, but the layout and how the content is arranged on the page.

Customise your theme

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can customise it in several ways. All colours, fonts, shapes, images, individual elements and section and page layouts can be changed at any time. Learn more about designing and customising your Square Online site for more information on all of your site design options.

Note: Although you can publish your website with our placeholder content, we highly recommend adding your own to make your site stand out. 


When choosing a theme, each one will show example items for illustrative purposes. You’ll then see item placeholders in the editor until you add your own. Learn more about adding items and categories to Square Online.


When choosing a theme, each one will show example images for illustrative purposes. You’ll then see the option to add your own in the editor. Learn more about images and backgrounds in Square Online to start updating them.


When choosing a theme, each one will show example text for illustrative purposes. You can then add your own text once you get to the editor. Learn more about adding text to Square Online.

Colours and fonts

Each theme will include beautiful colours and fonts, but you can customise them at any time to match your brand. Learn more about choosing colours and choosing fonts for your Square Online site.

Sections and pages

Each theme will include sections and pages you can update at any time. Learn more about sections and how to create pages and navigation in Square Online.

Change your theme

It isn’t possible to change the theme of an existing website, but if you simply want to change how the entire site looks, you can always update multiple design elements at once by updating the site style. Choosing a new style is much like choosing a new theme minus the example content (like items and images) when you first create a Square Online site. The example content is included when choosing a theme for illustrative purposes, and to inspire a design that suits your brand, business type or purpose.

However, you can still choose a new theme by creating a new website directly from your Square Online Overview page. To do this, you can:

  • Add a new site and start completely over.

  • Add a new site, and port over your existing catalogue and fulfilment settings. You can also use your existing images from the asset manager in the site editor, and connect your existing domain to your new site.

Learn more about managing multiple sites in Square Online for information on adding a new site to your account.

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