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Switch to Square Online from Weebly FAQ

If you’re a Weebly user being prompted to change your login to Square, use this article and its links to help you understand and complete the process. For additional questions not found in any of these resources, contact Square Support.

Accept Payments on Square Online

How do I process payments with Square?

You can take payments in person with your choice of Square hardware or online with Square eCommerce tools. Payments can be taken with contactless cards and devices, manually keyed-in cards, in-app payments, digital invoices, online payments on your website and shareable checkout links.

Enjoy no fees for refunds or chargebacks, free fraud protection, dispute management services and more. Access your money instantly with Square Transactions or transfer money to your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Square Online comes with Square’s payment gateway already built in so you can accept all major credit cards and Square Pay. Depending on availability in your region, you may also be able to accept payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App Pay or Afterpay (Clearpay). Learn more about accepting payments on Square Online for more information.

What are some benefits of Square?

In addition to more robust ecommerce features, you’ll also have access to Square’s other products like Square Point of Sale, Gift Cards, Invoices, Online Checkout, Square Pay and much more. Accepting payments has never been easier.

With Square Online, your inventory, items, sales and customers automatically sync with all Square tools so you don’t have to track anything manually. The Square Online site editor also has more search engine optimisation tools and a modern mobile design. It offers faster editing; integration with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, an enhanced checkout experience and much more. We launch new features frequently, so you can expect to see regular updates and improvements. You can even join our Square Seller Community to connect with other business owners using the same tools you are.

Can I still use Stripe as my payment processor for Square Online?

If you’re already connected to Stripe, you can continue to process payments with them on your Weebly website. To take advantage of Square Online, you’ll need to switch over to Square for payment processing.

With Square’s payment processor, you’ll access benefits like:

  • No charges for disputes
  • Fast deposits – as soon as the next business day
  • Accept in-person and online payments
  • Speed up customer checkout with additional payment options

Square Online Features

Can I use my domain name on the new Square Online site?

Yes, you can use your domain name on the new site. We’ve made it simple, and we’ll walk you through the process when you’re ready to publish. You don’t have to edit your DNS settings to get your new site online, but you may want to update the IP addresses if you registered your domain elsewhere. You’ll see a reminder on your Dashboard about that after you’ve published your new site.

Learn more about getting started with domains for Square Online for more information on working with domains in the Square Online platform.

Can I import my Weebly blog to my new Square Online site?

It isn’t possible to import a blog at this time, but you can use the RSS feed section in Square Online to display posts from your existing Weebly blog. You can also try the Stories feature in Square Online, which allows you to add new posts to your Square Online site.

If you’re planning to use your existing custom domain name with your new site and are keeping your Weebly blog, you’ll need to publish your old Weebly site to a free subdomain so your blog stays online. Once you’ve republished your new site to your custom domain, you can get the RSS feed link from your Weebly blog to use with your new Square Online site.

Learn more about blog-style Stories and the RSS feed section in Square Online.

Can I use apps from the Weebly App Centre on Square Online?

Apps from the Weebly App Centre aren’t compatible with Square Online. Your installed apps will continue to function on your Weebly website only, but you can use apps from the Square App Marketplace on your new Square Online site.

You may not find every app you’re currently using, but the Square App Marketplace offers a much wider variety of apps to help you run your business. There are apps for accounting, staff scheduling, HR needs and much more.

Will Weebly Gift Cards work with Square Online?

Weebly Gift Cards won’t be redeemable on a Square Online site, but they’ll still work with your Weebly site. You can recreate your gift card items within Square. Learn more about gift cards for Square Online for more information on enabling Square Gift Cards on your Square Online site.

Can I sell digital downloads with Square Online?

Yes, but it’s important to note that digital items in Square Online work differently. The main difference is that file upload and automatic fulfilment aren’t supported at this time. That means you’ll need to manually provide your buyers with a link to download the file. Learn more about working with digital items in Square Online.

Are there any additional resources available to help me get started?

We’ve partnered with third-party website design firms such as 99designs to help you get your new Square Online website up and running quickly.

For an overview of Square Online, check out getting started with Square Online or review this FAQ.

Access and Manage Square Online

How do I access my website from my Square account?

To access your sites from your Square account:

  1. Go to and Sign In to access your Square Dashboard.
  2. In your Square Dashboard, select Online > Online to go to the Square Online Overview page, the area of your Dashboard where you can manage everything for your sites.
  3. Switch to any other website in your account by selecting the site switcher dropdown menu.
  4. In the navigation menu, select Website > Edit Site to open the site editor.

Learn more about:

Will I have to recreate all my website content from scratch?

We’ll automatically import your store items, categories and settings for you. All store item and category pages from your old Weebly website will automatically redirect to the new versions, but you’ll need to recreate any other pages in the new editor.

All of your images will be available within the Asset Manager for easy access when rebuilding your website with the new editor. Any text-based content will need to be copied and pasted from your old website to your new website. You’ll also need to re-upload any files you may have linked to, such as PDF documents. You can export your old Weebly site to get access to any files you’ve uploaded in the past.

Learn more about creating pages and navigation in Square Online. You can also learn more about adding sections to your pages.

Is there a way to keep my current website but still take advantage of Square’s eCommerce features?

Yes, you can keep updating your website in Weebly and use the Square Online site editor for the eCommerce features. Everything with your current website will remain the same, and you’ll use the Square Online site editor to create and update your online store/ordering page.

Once you’ve published the new site, you can link to it from your current site. For example, you might add an ‘Order Now’ link to your navigation menu in the Weebly site editor. To do so:

  1. Log in to the Weebly site editor and select the Pages tab.
  2. Select the ‘+’ icon and choose the External Page option.
  3. Enter a name and the link to your new Square Online site.
  4. Select Done to save, and Publish your changes to see them live.

Learn more about using Square Online with your existing website.

What effect will this have on my SEO?

Any change you make to your website can affect SEO, but there are some things you can do to lessen any potential impacts:

  • Recreate pages and text from your old Weebly website. We’ll import your store item and category pages for you, but you’ll need to add any other pages manually.
  • Recreate the SEO settings for your site, including each page. In the Square Online site editor, you can also modify the appearance of social media links. The SEO settings for your store items and categories are imported automatically, so you don’t need to update them.

Will my old page URLs forward to the new page URLs?

All item and category page URLs from your old Weebly website will automatically redirect to the new versions. You’ll need to recreate any other pages in the Square Online site editor. Alternatively, you can set up 301 URL redirects.

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