All the tools you need – from open to close, in store and online.


Simplify your workflow with intuitive inventory.

Plus Inventory counting tool

Scan and search items with the counting tool to update, review and confirm counts on the go with your iPhone or iPad.

Plus Smart stock forecasts

Know which stock will run out based on how fast you’re selling, and get recommendations on exactly what to reorder.

Plus Automatic purchase orders

When items run low, Square for Retail automatically generates purchase orders for you to review and send to vendors.

Plus Barcode labels

Create and print a variety of label sizes from your Dashboard. Generate barcodes for recently added items.

Plus Multi-location stock management

Transfer your stock across locations in real time. Tag changes with pre-selected reasons to track why recounts occurred.

Plus Vendor management

Keep track of all your vendor contact information in one place so you can easily reorder stock when it gets low.

Item categories

Make it easier to find what you’re looking for by organizing your inventory by category.

GTIN and SKU support

Add GTIN and/or SKU codes to items to make it easier to identify and track your inventory.

Sell online

Reach your customers wherever they are.

In-store pickup or shipping

Give shoppers the option to pick up items in person or have them shipped after paying online.

Smart website builder

Create a free, professional website in minutes with our intuitive website builder. No designers or developers needed.

Instagram integration

Reach customers on social media and allow them to make a purchase right from your Instagram page.

Automatic sync

Automatically sync all your in-store and online orders, items and inventory.

Advanced eCommerce tools

Choose an annual paid plan to access advanced features like abandoned cart emails and integrated shipping labels.

eGift Cards

Get eGift Cards free so you can sell something to even the most particular shoppers.


Manage your store with a suite of tools designed for you.

Customizable item grid

Organize your items and key functions into pages, categories and display groups for easier management of your catalogue.

Barcode scanning

Ring up sales quickly and keep the line moving when you scan barcodes with your iPad camera.

Plus Cross-location returns

Let customers return an item to any location that stocks it, no matter where the sale was made.

Plus Add stock from your point of sale

Receive purchase orders and add inventory with quick scanning from your POS system for retail.

Customer profiles

Build relationships with customers by keeping their buyer profile on file and adding information that they choose to share with you.

Plus Customer preview

See a summary of customer details and notes right when you add them to your checkout cart.


Make business decisions backed by data.

Sales reports

Know how much inventory you’re moving and how much money you’re making in minutes. View all your reports right at your POS.

Plus Vendor sales reports

Better understand which vendors supply your top sellers so you can order more from them.

Plus Profit margin and cost of goods sold reports

Keep the overall financial health of your business top of mind and see which types of sales are driving your revenue.

Plus Inventory by category reports

See the cumulative value of your inventory by category so you know what keeps your customers coming back.

Staff Management

Empower your team members to drive your business forward.

Quickly train your team

Get your staff up and running quickly with a simple and easy-to-use POS.

Customize your team’s access levels

Create new jobs and assign team members permissions and passcodes that keep your business secure.

Accurately keep track of your team’s time

Team members clock in and out directly at the Square Register or via the Square Team app. Timecard data can also be reviewed in the Square Dashboard.

Shift scheduling and publishing

Track your team’s availability, assign upcoming shifts and ensure everyone knows when and where they are working with emails and notifications in the Square Team app.


Take payments with no hidden fees.

Integrated and touch-free payments

All your sales—whether paid with card, Apple Pay, gift card, or another way—are integrated in your POS.


Send professional estimates, invoices and automatic customer reminders. Track those payments in real time.

Data security (PCI) compliance

Square complies with all required PCI standards. The information that your customers submit is encrypted to our servers.

Next-business-day transfers

Get your money into your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Pick the plan for you

Start wherever you are with your retail business and we’ll help you succeed. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.


For businesses getting started in person and online.


No monthly fee.

Get started free
Processing rate
  • 2.65%
    For all major credit cards
  • 0.75% + 7¢
    Per Interac chip & PIN or tap
  • 6% + 30¢
    For Afterpay online transactions
  • Free retail point of sale app
  • Free online store
  • Basic inventory tools
  • Unlimited items


For expanding businesses that need in-depth retail features.


Per month per location.

Start free trial
Processing rate
  • 2.6%
    For all major credit cards*
  • 0.75% + 7¢
    Per Interac chip & PIN or tap
  • 6% + 30¢
    For Afterpay online transactions
Includes Square for Retail Free plan features and:
  • Advanced inventory tools and reports
  • Automatic purchase orders
  • Barcode label printing
  • Unlimited employee time tracking


For businesses looking to scale, with everything in one place.

Custom pricing

Must meet eligibility requirements

Contact Sales
Processing rate
  • If your business processes $250K or more in credit card sales each year (not including INTERAC debit sales), you may be eligible to save money with a custom rate.
Includes Square for Retail Plus plan features and optional add-ons:
  • Square Loyalty
  • Square Marketing
  • One-on-one onboarding support

Compare plans

*The rate of 2.6% for contactless and chip + PIN payments for all major credit cards is only applicable to payments processed when signed in to a Square for Retail Plus account on the Retail POS, and the standard Interac contactless and chip + PIN rate applies.

†If your business processes $250K or more in credit card sales each year (not including Interac debit sales), you may be eligible to save money with a custom rate. Contact sales.


  • What’s included in each of the three pricing plans?

    You can compare every feature of each plan on our pricing page.

  • How do I switch from my current solution?

    Signing up for Square for Retail is easy and fast. Just select your plan, sign up and add your inventory. There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts. And if you need help, Square Support is here for you.

  • How do I get set up with Square for Retail?

    You can get started with either our Free or Plus plan with just a few clicks here.
    Everyone who signs up to Square for Retail automatically receives a 30-day free trial of Plus. At the end of your free trial, you can select which plan works best for you and your retail business.
    To get started with Premium, contact our sales team.

  • How do I upgrade or downgrade my Square for Retail plan?

    You can upgrade from the Free retail plan to the Plus plan by subscribing to it here. You’ll be able to utilize all existing features and setup. The only new setup will be for the added functionality that’s included with your upgrade. After your 30-day free trial, you’ll be charged $79 per month per location. If you choose not to subscribe, you’ll be downgraded to the Free retail plan.

    To upgrade to the custom Premium plan, contact our sales team.

    You also have the option to downgrade your subscription from Plus to Free in your Dashboard.

    You can pause your subscription at any time from your Dashboard. When you pause a subscription, you will not be billed. You can unpause at any time and your account will be ready for you—all your data will be retained. You’ll see messaging in your Dashboard letting you know which features you’ll lose with the downgrade. You can see and compare plan features on our pricing page.