Behind The Counter At Wholefood Merchants

We recently visited Australia’s largest health food store Wholefood Merchants. In case you missed it you can catch the full story here. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the counter at a store that stocks over 35,000 products? Well, you’re in luck read on to find out the nitty-gritty details that make Wholefood Merchants tick.

On the counter

Wholefood Merchants have five Square Registers spread across their sleek checkout area.

“Square Register has allowed customers to view the products and prices being scanned in real-time, creating a seamless transaction experience with the easy option to receive their receipts digitally - a feature that aligns with our eco-conscious clientele.”

Square MerchantsWholefoods 21

Square MerchantsWholefoods 25

Behind the counter

“One of our team members suggested using Square for user-friendly, integrations, practicality, and usability. Within Square POS we navigate our large range of products with images. We also capture customer profiles and provide customers with a seamless way to view their transactions/orders.”

Wholefood Merchants also use the Supply’d x Square Integration to manage their large stock orders from suppliers. Their incoming inventory syncs seamlessly with their current stock and they can see current inventory numbers when making future stock orders with Supply’d.

Square MerchantsWholefoods 22

Square MerchantsWholefoods 57

What does the team say?

“Operationally on the till our team find Square easy to operate as it’s very visual. We’ve gone from a day’s worth of training to an hour for new staff and they are ready to go.”

Looking to the future

“We finally have a system that is able to move at the pace of our growing business needs and wants, as well as providing us with software that can also inspire us to make changes that will positively influence our business.”

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