Spotlight on simPRO: Square’s Integration For Trades and Services Professionals

Did you know that Square has a partnership with simPRO? simPRO is a powerful job management solution created specially for tradespeople and professional services who work across multiple jobs, projects and sites, including in commercial, industrial and residential sectors. This brings yet another popular integration to the Square App Marketplace, helping all your business tools work seamlessly as one.

There are dozens of simPRO features tailored to trades and services businesses – from job and fleet tracking to inventory management and much more. This article will focus on the features that help businesses sync with Square payments. simPRO’s payment features are set to help Square’s community of tradies and professional service providers streamline their daily operations and manage cash flow with ease. Read on to learn more of what you can expect from using this Square-integrated solution.

Payment automation to help you manage cash flow

Cash flow is critical to all businesses looking for growth and efficiency. It relies on strong systems that allow fast invoicing and payment operations, as well knowing how much money is coming in and when. Strong cash flow gives you and your team the confidence to move forward and keep on track. simPRO (with Square) offers a range of ways to optimise your cash flow.

Square Payments

Accept every payment quickly, easily and securely.

Invoicing and card payment tools

Many trades and services across Australia take the bulk of their job payments via invoice. While this has its benefits, it can also come with unexpected costs, including delayed payments and a hidden administrative burden. Smart invoicing software is one way to support this side of your business.

simPRO also helps you manage your invoicing with integrated payment automation, replacing manual and time-consuming processes with an electronic payments system that takes care of it all. There are many ways to get paid with simPRO and Square:

  • Issue invoices with a payment link. This will allow customers to enter their card details directly in the simPRO Payment Portal.

  • Send invoices via the simPRO Customer Portal for customers who are set up with a login. Your customer can process their payment easily and securely via the online portal.

  • Take customer payment details over the phone for any invoice – just enter the details into simPRO for processing via Square.

  • Take Square payments on the go or on any job site using your mobile device with simPRO Mobile and Square Reader.

  • Invoices can be sent automatically, minimising the paperwork and time wasting that so many small businesses frequently face.

simPRO payments processed with Square have a flat fee of 1.9% per card tap or insert, or 2.2% per manually-entered transaction (online or on the phone).

Payments data in one place

With this new integration, any card payments you receive using Square will appear instantly on simPRO, alongside all your other payment information, job and account details.

The payment automation and reporting tools within simPRO allow trades and professional service businesses to gain actionable insights from their data, enabling them to make better informed business decisions in a timely and effective way. With streamlined accounting tool integrations, as well as the ability to connect with Square for all your payments data, simPRO could give you back countless hours, eliminating the need to maintain records across multiple touchpoints, software systems and spreadsheets.

Connecting your jobs to your payment milestones

One of the top benefits of using simPRO as a solution for your business is that it offers job management in conjunction with payments management. You’ll set up the jobs you currently have on your calendar, including the major milestones, quotes, contracts and other important details. From that point, any further quotes or invoices sent in relation to your jobs will be accurately tracked without any additional manual tasks for you.

There are many benefits to be gained from this:

  • Helps you keep track of which jobs are coming up and how your current jobs are tracking.

  • Allows you to keep track of invoice payment milestones without having to dig into spreadsheets or emails.

  • Keeps your team more productive. And if your team is only a handful of people (or just you) this means more time on site, and less time stuck behind the computer.

  • More time on your hands gives you better focus to plan, work and communicate with your clients and team – delivering better results all round.

Avoid costly mistakes with streamlined systems

Running a business is hard (and expensive) enough without the added burden of mistakes from manual errors and clunky paperwork or spreadsheets. With Square and simPRO, you can help prevent these mistakes from happening in the first place and safeguard your business.

simPRO’s features can help you and your team to manage preventative maintenance schedules, quickly view asset histories and comply with service level agreements. Plus, you can use SisPRO’s automation tools to minimise risk, eliminate duplicate data entry and improve accuracy with automated data processing. With sophisticated tools like these connected to Square payments, you’ll be set up for ongoing success and security.

Connecting your simPRO tools to your Square Payments is easy. Just follow the steps outlined in the support article here. Your simPRO account information can then be accessed any time from the Applications section of your Square Dashboard.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, personal, or tax advice. The information contained herein is subject to change and may vary from time to time. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.