How to Turn Your Email into A Facebook Post

How to Turn Your Email into A Facebook Post
Your email can do double duty as a Facebook post. That’s right: Write once, share twice.
by Square Nov 21, 2019 — 2 min read
How to Turn Your Email into A Facebook Post

You put a lot of time and effort into your email, but now you realise you also have a Facebook post to write as well. It’s time to make that email do double duty. That’s right: Write once, share twice. You can post that email on Facebook.

Why you should turn your email into Facebook posts

You’re a busy person. You’re running a business and maybe working a day job, going to school, or taking care of your family. You have little time to do the same work twice, so let your email do it for you.

When you post an email on Facebook you’re not only growing your brand through social media, but also saving precious time that you can spend working on new products, brainstorming business ideas, or eating pavlova (we support all of these choices). And you don’t want to be left behind as 80 percent of owners are using social media for small business marketing.

Also, it’s just a plain smarter marketing strategy to share your email on Facebook because you can show your content to a whole new audience –– an audience that isn’t necessarily on your email list. And maybe some of your customers who do receive your email don’t check their email daily but are on Facebook religiously.

With 2 billion daily active users (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) spending an average of 43 minutes per day, sharing your email on a Facebook post is a no-brainer. Just ask these social media rock stars. With heaps of people spending that much time on Facebook, you have an audience just waiting for new content –– your content. Plus, it makes it easier for them to navigate from Facebook directly to your online store.

How to post an email into Facebook

Create and design an email marketing campaign for using the Square and Mailchimp integration. Mailchimp gives you access to the marketing tools you need to promote your page and keep in touch with your customers. You can manage an email Facebook post from your Mailchimp dashboard, and rest easy that your payments are securely powered by Square. You can also keep track of your success through Square’s marketing dashboard.

At this point, take a moment to preview your post. It might help to consider the design and length of the email to ensure it’s appropriate for a Facebook post. If you have an image or coupon in the email, it will be transferred to the post. Alternatively, you can use a pre-designed Mailchimp template or start from scratch with your own layout. Once you’ve confirmed and set the campaign live, your email for Facebook is pulling double duty. If you have to make a change to the post later, you can make edits directly on Facebook.

Tracking post success

It’s also important to know that once you have linked your Facebook account with Square and you’ve shared an email marketing Facebook post, you can see how well that post does in your Square Dashboard.

Simply go to the Marketing tab, where you’ll find an overview of your campaign. You’ll see a detailed report of how many people clicked on your email on Facebook post, shared it, and commented on it, and whether anyone who viewed the post then purchased something offline from you.

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