13 Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

13 Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
It's important to communicate with your customers regularly, and email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective tools. Here are some email topic ideas to help you get started.
by Square Nov 23, 2020 — 3 min read
13 Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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It’s important to communicate regularly with your customers, particularly when you already have a great database of subscribers. Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools – but sometimes it can be tough to know where to start when thinking of what to send!

If you’re often stuck for content ideas, these 13 email marketing tips will make pulling together your next newsletter or email marketing campaign much easier.

1. A welcome email

Send a welcome email whenever someone subscribes to your mailing list, thanking them for engaging with your business and giving them a bit of insight into your brand and why you do what you do. Depending on your business and email marketing approach, this might be a once-off email or a series of emails that seek to build a relationship with the subscriber.

2. An introduction to your business

If your business is unique or there’s a compelling story about how it came to be, you might like to share this with your subscribers. Maybe you started your business after an unexpected experience or discovery while travelling changed your perspective on the world. Whether you sell only ethical products, donate a percentage of your profits to charity or created your products to meet the needs of a loved one after finding a gap in the market, sharing your story can help to build a genuine relationship between your brand and customers.

3. A company milestone email

If your business has something to celebrate with customers – whether it’s an anniversary, a new product launch, or an exciting new supplier – share the news with your subscribers. Give readers the opportunity to click through to your website to learn more about your achievement. You might even consider including a limited-time promotional offer for them to claim.

4. A subscriber milestone email

Emails celebrating a subscriber milestone such as their birthday or anniversary with your company have been shown to deliver strong click-through and purchase rates. You might choose to send these emails before or on the milestone date. Include a limited-time offer to encourage your subscribers to take action.

5. A new product announcement

If you’re launching a new product, it makes sense to let your existing customers know all about it. Offer them a ‘VIP preview’ before the official launch date, or a subscriber discount once the product is on sale.

6. A seasonal email

Even if your products or services aren’t particularly seasonal, a start-of-season or end-of-season message can be an effective way to keep your subscribers engaged. If your product or service lends itself particularly well to warm or cool weather or a specific occasion, consider showcasing a selection of popular items for readers to buy in-store or via your website.

7. A free shipping promotion

Online shoppers love free shipping. If you can’t offer free shipping all the time and don’t want to discount your products, consider running a limited-time free shipping promotion on all sales or those that meet a minimum spend.

8. A giveaway email to subscribers

Leverage your knowledge to create a meaningful freebie you can offer subscribers. If you sell storage solutions, share a downloadable checklist of your top ten home organisation tips; if you’re an interior designer, pull together a short eBook that touches on emerging design trends and how to incorporate them into your home.

9. A back-in-stock message

If you have an online store and plan to restock products that sell well, ensure you capture buyer interest with an ‘email me when available’ function. Getting in touch with potential customers to let them know that a product they want is available again means they don’t have to keep checking back – it’s a great customer service experience that will help increase the chances of a sale.

10. An email sharing a recent success story

Case studies are a powerful way to showcase the value you deliver to customers. Share examples of how your products and services have improved the lives of people who use them – if you can include before and after photos, customer videos or testimonials, even better.

11. A request for a review

Customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to build trust in your brand. You might want to set up an automated email that’s sent a few weeks after a customer makes a purchase, asking them to review their product and experience with your company. You could even offer an incentive, such as a percentage off their next purchase, in exchange for a review.

12. A how-to video

Videos are great for capturing interest and driving traffic to your website. Think creatively about how you might be able to add videos to your marketing repertoire – even if you deliver your product or service in person, consider whether a ‘troubleshooting’ or ‘how to get set up’ video might be of value to your subscribers.

13. A sustainability message

Most small businesses share a growing focus on sustainability and the environment. Let subscribers know what you’re doing within your business to reduce your environmental footprint – whether that’s sourcing sustainable products, using biodegradable packaging or offsetting your carbon emissions.

Reaching out to subscribers regularly with quality content is a great way to build relationships and brand loyalty. Your readers have chosen to receive emails from you – provide them with fresh, interesting and helpful email marketing content to keep them from hitting ‘unsubscribe’.

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