Spotlight On Doshii: Connecting Square with Delivery Apps

Spotlight On Doshii: Connecting Square with Delivery Apps
Unleashing the Power of Doshii. Connecting Square and Food Delivery Apps for Seamless Operations. Simplify order management and enhance efficiency in the hospitality industry.
by Square Aug 03, 2023 — 2 min read
Spotlight On Doshii: Connecting Square with Delivery Apps

The hospitality industry has changed. The rise of the gig economy now means that customers have endless food and beverage options at their fingertips one minute and on their doorstep the next. Australian diners want the cuisine of their choice delivered to their doors, they want it quickly and, if you’ve cooked it, they want it hot!

Apps like Uber Eats, Me&U, Mr Yum and DoorDash have revolutionised the world of dining and hospitality. According to Roy Morgan research, more than 7 million Australians use food delivery services in an average three-month period, and more food and beverage businesses are partnering with food delivery companies like these every day. That’s a lot of new exposure, potential new customers and opportunities for your business to impress.

But there’s a challenge for hospitality businesses that take advantage of the wave of food delivery offerings: All those diners are using multiple food delivery providers. You don’t want to concentrate on DoorDash users but ignore those on Uber Eats, for example, so you may have multiple delivery services you work with.

And while partnering with these kinds of food delivery apps may be beneficial to your business, managing relationships with various tech platforms that potentially have varying capabilities and requirements can be messy and time consuming, especially when your kitchen is running at full steam!

Enter Doshii, an Aussie tech company providing an integration platform for the hospitality industry. Doshii – one of the many Square app integrations that aim to make life easier for business owners and their teams – bridges the gaps between the various hospitality apps available today to facilitate a seamless integration with your point-of-sale (POS) systems, online ordering platforms, reservation systems and even loyalty programs.

Think of Doshii as the hub, enabling other apps to share data, thereby streamlining operations and improving efficiency for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other hospitality businesses. By connecting your Square POS, online ordering and reservations, Doshii allows you to automate processes and simplify your order management, all in real time. For in-person dining, Doshii also allows customers to order and pay from their seats, so your whole venue is synced to your POS, too. By reducing the need for manual data entry, you can focus on all the other tasks that need completing to keep your business running.

Imagine it: a customer places an order online or through a third-party delivery app on their mobile phone, or at a table in your restaurant; the order is automatically sent to your Square POS system and your kitchen is notified so they can start preparing it. Wait times are reduced, order errors are minimised, staff are more productive and – by the time your customer has finished their bahn mi, burger or beer – hopefully you’re looking at another satisfied patron.

What’s more, with Doshii you’ll have access to valuable data and analytics so you can stay on top of sales trends and customer behaviour. With the information you gather from the various applications talking to your POS, you can make informed decisions about marketing strategies and resource allocation to drive efficiency in your business. You can also use the data to inform your pricing decisions and menu composition; you only need to do it once on your Doshii platform, and it’s replicated across all the apps (or at least the ones you choose).

Doshii allows you to connect with even more hospitality partners and expand the reach of your business. And building and maintaining custom integrations between different applications yourself is a costly and laborious process. By integrating systems and automating processes, businesses using Doshii can save both time and money.

Combine Doshii with Square for Restaurants and you can really supercharge your efficiency, which can only contribute to your growth, profitability, and competitive edge to keep your business ahead of the pack. Now, that’s easy to swallow!

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