Square launches new tech to help Aussie businesses tackle holiday rush

Nov 23, 2022

With the holidays just around the corner, Square’s seamlessly integrated ecosystem enables sellers to capture sales almost anywhere

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As the end of year sales rush approaches, Square has launched two of its powerful, vertical-specific software solutions, Square for Retail and Square Appointments, on Square Terminal to help retailers, beauty professionals, and other industries in Australia offer customers flexible, on-the-go checkout experiences for additional convenience and time savings.

Square research found more than half (51%) of sellers expect this year’s sales period to be busier than last, and with increased crowds expected, sellers can lean on tools like Square Terminal to provide an exceptional customer experience and for line-busting long queues. With Square for Retail and Square Appointments on Square Terminal, businesses can help supercharge sales by ringing up their customers almost anywhere. Whether it’s at the counter, on the sales floor, in the chair, or by opening another checkout counter to handle demand, sellers can meet customers wherever they are and whenever they’re ready.

One business owner that’s using Square for Appointments on Square Terminal to help with the festive rush is Santa Claus from Little and Trivial Events in Koo Wee Rup, Victoria.

“Using Square Appointments on Terminal has been a revelation for our business, and we might just take it back with us to the North Pole,” says Claus. “But in all seriousness, using Square Appointments on Terminal is reducing hours of admin burden and giving us time back so we can sleep! Square’s technology really takes care of itself so we don’t have to think about it.”

Mandurah Formalwear, a Western Australia-based clothing store, was one of the first businesses to use Square for Retail on Terminal, and is already seeing its impact. Lisa Hayes, owner, says: ”We sourced a Square Terminal when we first opened our business and loved how simple it was to setup. We process our retail sales and clothing hire fees and find the screen interface easy to use for all cards, phone taps and Afterpay too.”

Technology is top of the Christmas list for many retailers this year. Square’s Future of Retail report found that staff shortages are leading to rapid tech acceleration, particularly automation tech that enables businesses to do more with less. More than four in five (84%) key decision-makers in retail surveyed are using or planning to use technology or automation to decrease staff members’ hands-on time and allow them to work on more valuable tasks.

“Staff shortages are a significant concern [for retailers], with over 46,100 job vacancies in retail trade,” said Paul Zahra, CEO of the Australian Retailers Association. “Given the ongoing state of disruption, it’s important that businesses continue to build resilience in their operations, in particular their supply chains as well as data and digital innovations to maximise efficiencies.”

This launch adds to Square’s continued investment in building innovative products for Australian retailers. Between launching in Australia in 2016 and the end of 2021, Square’s Australian retail base has grown by 97% annually, with the number of multi-store retailers increasing by 147% over the same time.

Square’s entire suite of commerce software is now available on all hardware, enabling sellers to run, grow, and adapt their business with versatile solutions that effortlessly fit within their operations. With Square for Retail and Square Appointments on Square Terminal, sellers can offer instant and easy interactions with buyers from payments, returns, and exchanges to inventory Management, always ensuring they never miss a sale.

Square’s integrated ecosystem enables sellers to operate within a single platform for a complete view of their business. To engage customers, sellers can add Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions such as marketing and loyalty; to manage staff, sellers can add Staff Scheduling and Team Access Rules; and for banking and financial services, sellers can access capital to grow their business. For example, 46% of Square Appointments sellers and 59% of Square for Retail sellers use three or more Square products in total across markets.

Businesses can also utilise Square Online for streamlined inventory across locations and social channels, no matter where they’re selling during this holiday season. Finally, retailers and beauty & personal care sellers can offer Afterpay’s buy now, pay later (BNPL) functionality so consumers have more choice in what they buy and how they pay.

“The holiday season is not only one of the busiest times of year, but also a crucial period for a business’ bottom line,” said Alyssa Henry, Head of Square. “By bringing Square for Retail and Square Appointments to Square Terminal just ahead of this critical time, sellers can access powerful integrations between software and hardware that gives them fast, efficient operations to increase sales and meet their customers’ needs, anywhere and anytime.”

Square Terminal can be purchased on Square Shop, at OfficeWorks, and JB HiFi. Square for Retail and Square Appointments offer three monthly subscription plans: Free, Premium, and Plus.