Square Team Management

Easily manage your people and save on labor costs.

Square Team Management

Put Team Management to work for you.

Every day, over 300,000 employees around the world log in directly at their Square point of sale.

Track your team’s time free

Employees clock in and out right at the register. Paid and unpaid breaks are tracked, overtime is automatically calculated, and Timecards are accurately totaled.

Run your business more efficiently

Use real-time reports to save on labor costs and optimize staffing. View sales by team member to see who’s performing best and who needs coaching.

Grant employees different levels of access

Passcodes allow you to manage access to the sensitive data in your POS and Dashboard and control entry to your cash drawer. You also decide who can issue refunds and discounts.

Trusted by more than 200,000 businesses globally.

Integrated time clock

Enable team members to clock in and out at your point of sale to track their hours, breaks, and overtime.

Managed access

Assign permissions to control what team members can see and do in your Square account.

Reporting and analytics

Identify your top performers and use powerful data to optimize labor costs and staffing.

See how Team Management works.

Put Team Management to work for you.

Team Management


for all locations

Team Plus

3000円 / 月

per location

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