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Square Online Store FAQs

Review answers to frequently asked questions about Square Online Store.

Will Square Gift Cards work on my Online Store?

Yes! If a customer has a Square Gift Card associated with your business, they’ll be able to apply their balance during the checkout flow.

Why didn’t I receive notification when my customer placed an order?

Depending on your email provider, notifications will sometimes be filtered to your spam folder. Double check your spam folder and add the email address to your contacts.

Will customers receive my customized digital receipts for online purchases?

When a customer places an order through Square Online Store, they’ll receive a receipt from the Online Store only. These can be customized in the Store Email section of your Online Store dashboard. You can also send a customer a digital receipt with Square at any time from your app or Square Dashboard.

Can I manually set up categories in my Online Store?

Yes! From your online store dashboard, go to Items > Categories, and select Add Category. Give your new category a name, and add any items you want to include with the Choose Items button.

Why are my customers only seeing the option to have an item shipped?

By default, each item fulfillment is set to shipping. To allow for pickup, you’ll need to update the fulfillment type for each item, individually.

Can I view orders from the Square app?

Yes! When you start accepting orders through Square Online Store, you can track and manage multiple fulfillment types from both the Square Dashboard and Square app.

What is Provisional Activation?

For sellers new to both Square and the Online Store, provisional activation allows you to start processing payments right away — and complete account verification later.

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