Create Pages and Navigation in Square Online

Pages are an essential part of your website - they display your content and give your navigation menu a sense of purpose. This article explains how to create and manage your pages and edit your website navigation menu.

Create or Copy a Page


In the website editor, click the + Add button next to the Pages list and choose “Page” from the menu. You can also click on the Pages list and use the Add page link there.

Next, choose the type of page you’d like to add:

  • Blank - just as the name implies, this is an empty page that you can add any kind of content to.

  • About - this option will automatically create an informational page with demo content that you can edit and customize.

  • Contact Us - a page with a contact form. You can edit and customize the details.

  • Gallery - a page for displaying multiple images with a gallery section.

  • Instagram - a page that includes an Instagram section. You can connect to your Instagram feed to display your photos.

  • Shop - If you have an online store set up, this page is already included on your website.

  • Gift cards - If you use Square Gift Cards or if you would like to sell Square eGift Cards through your online store.

    • If you already use Square eGift Cards, you’ll be prompted to sync your existing account and link directly to Square gift card purchase page. This will automatically embed Square gift cards on your online store.

    • If you do not have Square eGift Cards, you’ll be led to your online Square Dashboard where you can get setup. You’ll be able to choose your gift card designs, default amounts, and redemption policy.

    • Once your gift card account is set up and synced, you can add a navigation link to your gift cards through a Standard link.

We’ll use a blank page as an example here, but the process for adding any type of page is basically the same. Click on Blank and enter a name for the page. Click the checkbox if you do not want this page to show in your navigation menu, then click Add to finish.


To copy an existing page, open the page list and locate the page you want to make a copy of. Click the “. . .” button next to the page name and select the Duplicate page option.

Note: Some page types (e.g. items and categories) can’t be copied.

Edit Page Settings and Add Content


After saving your new page, you can change the settings and add content. Use the Add section button to choose page sections for text, images, and more.

To change the settings for a page, click the gear icon and select View page settings. The page settings window has three tabs:

General: Change the page name and URL, or set up URL redirects and password protection.

SEO: Add a title and description for search engines and preview how your site will appear in search results. You can also hide the page from search engines if you don’t want it to be indexed.

Social: Preview and edit the title, description, and image used for your website on social media. Learn more about social media links.

Add and Edit Navigation Links


To add a new link to the navigation menu, open the page list and the edit link at the bottom to open the navigation menu settings. Click “Add navigation link” and select one of the following:

  • Standard page - Link to any page you’ve created.

  • Category or Item page - Link to a specific category or item from your store.

  • Shop All or Order Online - Create a link to your main store page.

  • External link - add a link to a different website.

  • File - Upload and link to a file.

  • Square Appointments - Add a link to book an appointment (Square Online customers only).

You can also create what’s known as an “anchor link”, which is a link to a specific part of a page. For example, let’s say you’ve placed a contact form near the bottom of your home page. You can add a link to the menu that will jump right to the contact form section when clicked.


To add an anchor link, open the page list and click the link to edit the navigation menu. Use the Add navigation link button and select standard page. Select a page from the menu and click the toggle to link to a section, then choose which section you want to link to. Finally, enter a name for this menu item and save your changes.


To edit or remove a navigation menu link, open the page list and click the link to edit the navigation menu. Mouse over a page and click the “. . .” icon and select edit or remove.
Note that editing or removing links from the navigation menu will not change or delete the associated page.

Rearrange Pages and Create Subpages

You can rearrange pages you’ve added to your navigation and create subpages. Open the page list and click the link at the bottom to edit the navigation menu.


Click on a page in the Navigation list and drag it up or down to move it to a new position. To make a page into a subpage, click on the page and drag it underneath and to the right of the parent page. In the image above, the Book Now page is being moved into place as a subpage of Shop All.

You can add a new page as a subpage. While editing the navigation menu, mouse over any page and click the blue plus sign button. Choose to create a new page and enter a name. After saving, the new page will automatically be a subpage of the main page.

Delete Pages


To delete a page from your website, open the page list and mouse over the page you want to delete. Click the “. . .” button and select Delete page, then click the button to confirm it’s okay to delete the page.

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