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Create Pages and Navigation in Square Online

Pages are an essential part of your website. They display your content and give your navigation menu a sense of purpose. This article explains how to create and manage your pages, and edit your website’s navigation menu in the Square Online site editor.

Create a Page


In the site editor, select +Add > Page and choose the type of page you’d like to add to your site.

  1. Appointments: A page with an online scheduler that works with Square Appointments to allow customers to book directly on your Square Online site.

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Note: If you want to add a category or item page, you can add an item or category to your online store directly in the editor. A page for the newly added item or category will then become an option in your page list. Learn more about adding an item and category to Square Online in the site editor. You can also learn more about customising your item pages and category pages.


Once you’ve chosen a page, enter a name for the page to display on your navigation menu. You can untick Add page to navigation if you don’t want the page to be accessible from your navigation (i.e. the page can only be accessed if you share the link directly to that page). Select Add to finish.

After saving your new page, you can add content to it with sections.

Page Management Options


There are many page management options available in the editor that help you determine how the page should work and appear. To view these options, select the Page drop-down menu to see your list and hover over one of your pages to see your available options. You can also open a page and select the gear icon in the editing panel.

Adjust page settings

Select View page settings to adjust specific settings for the page you’re managing. A page settings popup window will appear with the following three tabs:

Choose a homepage

Select Make this my homepage to change your current homepage. Learn more about changing your homepage in Square Online.

Copy a page

Select Duplicate page to make a copy of a page and add it to your site.

Note: Some page types (e.g. item pages, category pages, etc.) can’t be copied.

Delete a page

Select either the recycle bin icon or Delete page, then select the button to confirm that it’s okay to delete the page.

Note: Deleted content oftentimes can’t be recovered, so feel absolutely confident that you no longer need your page.

Customise Your Navigation Menu

Note: Enable mega menus by upgrading your Square Online site.

To change the navigation menu style, select the header of your website and select Header on your editing panel. From there, choose the navigation style that fits your website:

  • No navigation: for websites that don’t need a navigation

  • Drop-down: if your website has five or fewer navigation links

  • Mega menu: if your website has more than five sub-navigation links and a high number of items (upgrade required).

Once you choose the navigation style, select Edit links to add navigation links or arrange pages. You can change your navigation style at any time by selecting a new one from the Navigation tab under the Header menu.

Select the menu buttons and use the Customise section to make changes to the header layout, colour and scroll settings.

Create and Rearrange Subpages


To rearrange pages without making any changes to the navigation, start by selecting either the header or footer section on your site. In the editing panel, expand the Content menu and from the Navigation option, select the button to manage your Navigation links. Next, select a page in the navigation links list and drag it up or down to move it to a new position on your navigation menu.

Hover over any page and select the + icon to add a sub-navigation link. To turn a page into a subpage, select the page and drag it underneath and to the right of the page above it. You can also add another level of subpage within the subpage by repeating this action.

Manage Navigation Menu Links


As you add pages to your site, you’ll have the option to add links to those pages on your navigation menu, which you can add to both your website header and website footer. Learn more about how to add a link to your site for more information on adding links to your navigation menu.


You can also create anchor links in your navigation menu, which are links to a specific part of a page. For example, say you’ve placed a contact form near the bottom of your homepage. You can add a link to the navigation that will jump right to the contact form section on the homepage.

Note: Editing or removing links from the navigation menu won’t change or delete the associated page or section.

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