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In-Store and Curbside Pickup with Square Online

Pickup is a flexible and convenient option for your local customers, especially if you’re selling food online. You can allow customers to request curbside pickup and text message notifications for a smooth and seamless experience.

Turn Pickup On

You can use pickup with one or more locations. Business information from your Square account is automatically synced to the pickup settings, and you can set up each location individually.


Click Set up location, then click the toggle to turn on pickup. You can also enable a local delivery option if you’d like to offer both. Click the toggle to enable Curbside pickup if you want to offer that option, then click Continue to move on. You’ll follow the same process outlined below to set up each location.

Set Up Pickup Hours

The store hours here are imported from the location settings in your Square account. If you haven’t already added business hours for your location, you’ll see the default hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM). You can edit the hours here for pickup without changing the business hours setting in your Square account.


Check the box for each day of the week that you will offer pickup, then enter the hours for each day. You can add multiple time frames within a day by clicking the + link. This let you exclude certain hours, which is convenient if you would prefer not to handle pickups during regular busy periods.

Click the +Add date link to create restricted dates for any days that you won’t offer pickup. For example, you may wish to exclude certain holidays that occur during your usual business days. You can add multiple restricted dates and set them to repeat or to occur only once.

Note: The hours you add to your website in the Square Online site editor on the Location and hours section are for informational purposes only, and do not function as a setting, or sync to the store hours area of your Square Online Overview page. They must be added in the area described above to function as a setting.

Edit Pickup Timing and Settings

Next, select a prep time from the dropdown menu. The prep time you set here applies to all pickup orders, so choose an average amount of time that’s likely to cover most of your orders.

Note: You can also set individual prep times for your items if some things take more time to prepare. To do so, go to your Square Online Overview page > Items > Site Items, and click on an item to edit. Finally, scroll down to the fulfillment section and select a prep time.


Under Scheduling, select the toggles to automatically assign a pickup time at checkout and enable scheduling for pickup. This lets buyers choose a pickup date and time based on your business hours and prep time. If you don't select the toggle to automatically schedule a pickup time, you can manually share the pickup details with your customer. This allows you to manage order scheduling in a way that works best for your business (e.g. time slots, availability windows, preorders, etc.).

If you’d like to control the number of orders that need to be picked up at once, click the toggle under "Order limiting," then set the number of orders you’d like to allow. With this option turned on, incoming orders are automatically assigned a pickup time based on your settings.

For example, let’s say that pickup is only available on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and the prep time for orders is 30 minutes. If a customer placed an order on a Saturday, the first available pickup time would be Monday at 9:30 AM.

If you want to set a minimum order amount for pickups, click the toggle and enter the amount. Orders that don’t meet this requirement won’t be eligible for pickup. Customers will see a message in the cart letting them know.

Finally, enter instructions for your customers so they’ll know how to pick up their order. Be sure to include any additional details that customers need to know.

Click Continue to move on.

Update Fulfillment Settings for Items

Your location is now ready to accept pickup orders, but your items may not necessarily be available for pickup. To default the fulfillment method for newly-added items to a specific fulfillment method, please follow the directions below:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Item Preferences or Shared Settings > Item Preferences.

  2. Under "Default item fulfillment," select Edit.

  3. Select the fulfillment method(s) of your choice to default to.

  4. Select Save when finished.

All items imported in the future will default to your selected fulfillment method(s).

Note: You can edit fulfillment for your existing items at any time in your Square Online Overview page in Items > Site Items. Do this by selecting an individual item and going to the fulfillment section, or by using the bulk editing method.

Edit Location Details

Click the Edit link if you need to make any changes. Use the Edit links next to each section to open and change the settings.


If you need to make changes to the location address, email, or phone number, click Edit next to the address. Changes you make to the address or contact information here won’t affect your location settings in your Square account.

Edit Advanced Settings

Next, click the Advanced settings button. These options apply to delivery and pickup for every location.

Turn on quantity limits to prevent customers from submitting large orders that may be difficult to fulfill. Enter the maximum number of items you want to allow per order, and optionally include additional information about your policies on large orders. Customers who attempt to place an order exceeding the amount you set here will see this information in the shopping cart.

If you’re selling food online, you can enable tipping and set a default tip amount that's automatically calculated and added to the order. Customers will see the tip as a separate line item and can edit the tip amount before completing the purchase.

You can also enable arrival alerts for the POS app. Customers can reply "HERE" via text message when they arrive, and you’ll see this on your POS (latest version required).

When you’re finished editing the settings, click Save.

Buyer Checkout Experience


When your customer places a pickup order, they can choose from the locations you enabled for pickup. If you’ve opted to allow pickup scheduling, they’ll be able to choose from among the hours and days you provided. If not, they’ll be given the earliest possible date and time slot based on your hours and prep time settings for the chosen location (or they'll see your instructions if you handle this manually). If curbside pickup is turned on, customers can check a box to request that before paying for the order.


Orders with mixed fulfillment methods will affect checkout. If a customer has an item in the cart that is shipping only, and an item that can be shipped or picked up, they will only be able to select shipping during checkout. The same is true in the reverse - if the cart contains an item that is pickup only and one that can be shipped or picked up, pickup will be the only option at checkout. If an order contains items that are pickup only, shipping only, and both, they will see a message on the checkout screen letting them know they need to purchase these items separately.

Manage Pickup Orders


When you’ve finished preparing an order for pickup, navigate to the order in Orders in your Square Online Overview page, and click to open it. Click the Mark as Ready button and confirm the items in question are ready for pickup. This will change the order status to Ready and send an email to the buyer. The Mark as Ready button on the order detail page will change to Mark as Completed, so you can change the status again when the customer has picked up their order.

Enable text message notifications in your Square Online Overview page in Communications > Email & Text Alerts by toggling on Text message alerts so customers can receive text notifications about their order status. When you mark an order as ready, a text message will be sent to the phone number they entered at checkout.

You can also allow your customers to send a text message to your business to notify you once they have arrived to pick up their order. To enable the text message notification feature, navigate to Fulfillment > Pickup & Delivery in your Square Online Overview page, and select Advanced settings to toggle on On-POS arrival alerts.

Once this feature is enabled, a text notification will be sent to the customer when their order is ready for pickup. The customer can respond with "HERE" to the message letting you know they are present to pickup their order (as opposed to notifying through a phone call). As soon as the order is brought to the customer and completed, you can update the order status to Completed in the Orders tab of your Square Online Overview page.

Here are couple of important things about managing orders:

  • You cannot refund an item that is in Ready status, so you’ll need to change the status to Completed before you can process a refund.

  • You can disable the Ready option in the Pickup & Delivery settings, but doing so will automatically move all orders you’ve set as Ready to Completed.

Turn Off Pickup

Go to your Square Online Overview page > Fulfillment > Pickup & Delivery and click the toggle to turn off pickup. You can turn pickup back on at any time and restore your previous settings.

You can also temporarily stop accepting all online orders regardless of fulfillment method. To do so, go to your Square Online Overview page > Settings > Checkout or Shared Settings > Checkout, then click the toggle to turn off online ordering.

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