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Use Square Online with an Existing Website

Many sellers who learn about Square Online may have a site already built with a different website host (e.g. GoDaddy, WiX, Google, etc.), but may not necessarily have a simple way to display the products they sell on their primary website. This means sellers often utilize workarounds that might be functional but not exactly user friendly.

With Square Online, you can build an ordering page where your customers can shop your entire catalog of products only. Once built, you can then add a link to your Square Online ordering page to your primary website’s navigation menu.

For more information on building a website with Square, take a look at getting started with Square Online.

Build a Square Online Ordering Page

To build an ordering page, select Single ordering page when you first sign up for Square Online or follow these steps:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Online > Online to go to the Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select Edit site to open the Square Online site editor.

  3. In the site editor, select the Page dropdown menu to see your "Category pages."

  4. Under Shop All or Order Online, select ”…” > Make this my homepage.

  5. Delete all other pages by selecting ”…” > Delete page.

  6. Select the Page dropdown menu to see your "Category pages."

  7. Under Shop All or Order Online, select ”…” > Switch template.

  8. Review your options and select Switch as necessary. Your options for switching your ordering page template are Shop All (best for selling physical items for retail), and Order Online (best for selling food and beverage items for restaurants).

  9. Publish your site to a domain and add that domain as a link in your primary website.

To customize your ordering page further, learn more about designing and customizing your Square Online site. You can also create pages and navigation to add additional pages to your site as needed.

Add Items and Categories to Square Online

Items are the products you'll sell from your Square Online ordering page, and categories allow you to organize those items displayed on your site in multiple ways. Learn more about items and categories in Square Online.

Publish Your Square Online Site to a Domain

Once your Square Online site is set up (regardless of how many pages it has), you'll need to publish it to a domain.

You can use a free subdomain with Square Online that never expires, or you can use a custom subdomain with Square Online like "store.mybusiness.com" or "order.myrestaurant.com".

Additionally, you can connect an entirely different domain your already own with another host to your new site. Learn more about how to connect your domain to Square Online if it's hosted by a third party.

Lastly, learn more about getting started with domains for Square Online for an overview of working with Square domains.

Link Square Online to Your Existing Website

Once you've published your Square Online site to a domain, your final step is to add a link to that domain on your primary website - best in your primary website's navigation menu. If you need help creating a link on your primary site's navigation, reach your current website host for assistance.