Time cards FAQs

Why can’t I see more than one day of shifts at a time?

The Workday section is designed to simplify your day-to-day timecard monitoring. For total hours, total labour cost and the shifts that make up those totals, visit the Labour Cost section of your online Square Dashboard.

Where can I see all the shifts that make up the totals reflected in Labour Cost?

To view a team member’s timecard activity for a period of time, adjust the date and location filters in the Labour Cost tab and select a team member’s row. This will show you a breakdown of all shifts in that period and you can click the blue Total Labour Cost button to view hours paid.

How can I export timecard reports?

All .CSV exports are available from the Labour Cost tab of your online Square Dashboard. You’ll be given an option to export a labour cost report of total hours worked and paid, or a report of all shift activity.

Can my team members clock in/out without using the shared point of sale?

Yes! By downloading the Square Team app, your team members will have the ability to clock in/out, view their hours worked and timecards, view their estimated pay for the week, and view their team profile – all from their own iPhones or Android devices, at no additional charge.

How is overtime determined if a team member works more than one job/wage?

Overtime for team members with multiple wages is based on the team member’s blended rate. A blended rate is the weighted average of the total normal earnings divided by total hours worked. For compensation, the team member is paid .5x this rate for their overtime premium.

Here’s an example: Alex has 2 wages ($20/hr as a Bartender, and $10/hr as a Server). Alex works 50 hours in a week, 30 as a Bartender and 20 as a Server. The premium for Alex’s 10 overtime hours will be 0.5x the blended rate calculated by the two wages worked. Given 30 of their regular hours were worked at $20, and 20 were worked at $10, the weighted average for the blended rate is: ($20 x 30) + ($10 x 20)/50 = $16. For overtime pay, Alex is paid $240 for the 10 hours that qualify as overtime ($16x1.5x10 = $240).

What is a job title? How is it different from a permission set?

A job title is the name assigned to each wage for a given team member. Once a job title is created, it can be applied to other team members. A permission set is a grouping of Team Permissions. That said, while team members can now have multiple wages (with job titles), team members can only have one permission set.

How can I view all my team member’s shifts.

You can view all shifts for a team member by selecting a date range and clicking into their individual row in Labour Cost. This will bring up the team member’s timecard with all shifts for that time period. If you want to view all shifts for all team members at the same time, you will want to use the Export Labour Cost option in the Labour Cost tab.

How can I see my labour cost by job title? Want to understand my budget per department.

Currently, the only way to do that is through the .CSV export.

I can no longer select a custom time range for my hours that run past midnight.

Timecard reporting is all based on your set workday, which can be adjusted from Timecards > Settings. If your business is open past midnight, you will want to set a custom start of workday in your Timecard settings. In general, only businesses that have team members working past midnight should change their start of workday time. If you have team members working past midnight, it is best to set it ~1hr past the time the last team member leaves.

For example, if your business closes at 2 a.m., but team members stay for an hour to clean up, set the start of workday to 4 a.m.. This will update the Workday timeline, and day filters (e.g. Today, Yesterday) to 4 a.m.- 4 a.m..

How can I filter by team member on the Labour Cost page?

By default, the Labour Cost tab is sorted by team member, but there is currently no team member-specific filter.

Can team members leave notes on their timecard?

Yes – with Team Plus, team members have the ability to add notes to their timecard when clocking in or out to provide more context into what happened during their shift (e.g. someone arriving late or leaving early).

To add a note to a timecard:

  1. From the Checkout screen of the Square app, tap Clock In/Out.
  2. Enter your four digit personal passcode.
  3. Tap Clock In or End Shift
  4. Tap Add Notes > Enter any applicable notes.
  5. Save.