How to Drive More Takeaway Sales for Your Restaurant

Packing takeaway order

Takeaway offerings are just one of the ways UK restaurants have adapted to the changing hospitality landscape, impacted by national lockdowns and social distancing. Customers have eaten this up – literally. From spring 2020 to spring 2021, the UK’s average monthly spend on takeaways has risen to £53 per person – that’s around a 39% increase on pre-Covid spending.

So, how can you sell more takeaway orders at your restaurant? Read on to discover our top tips for driving takeaway sales with Square.

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Offer promotions

Promotions are a great way to boost takeaway sales, attract new customers and retain existing ones – because who doesn’t love a great deal? In fact, during the first lockdown, searches for takeaway discount codes were up by 23%.

Here are some promotional ideas to get you started:

  • Buy one get one free – the perfect way to push takeaway sales for a specific menu item.

  • Time-sensitive promos – planning a special event? An exclusive deal ‘for one week only’ is sure to grab your customer’s attention.

  • Spend X get X% off – discounts can encourage customers to make a larger order. You could even have levels – spend £15 to get 15% off, spend £25 to get 25% off, etc.

  • Refer a friend – not only does this promotion reward existing customers, but it also helps spread the word about your brand.

These deals and promotions can be especially useful on nights where people have to be tempted into takeaways. For example, think outside of weekend evenings where having a takeaway is more common. So, try midweek offers such as tasty Tuesdays. Just make sure you support any takeaway promotions with the right marketing tools to get the word out.

Social media strategy

Social media is a valuable channel of communication with your customers – especially if your food business is predominantly online or operates from a ghost kitchen. So, make sure you’re set up on the main platforms, including:

  • Facebook – post about your menu updates, update your header image with the latest takeaway deals and encourage customers to leave reviews.

  • Instagram – showcase your favourite dishes with aesthetically pleasing images that leave your followers craving a takeaway.

  • TikTok – the latest social media craze is your go-to for posting behind-the-scenes videos of your restaurants, as well as staff stories and montages of special events.

Create your own content strategy for when and what you want to post. Don’t forget to encourage your customers to share their takeaway treats on their stories – if they tag you, you can reshare them too.

Offer delivery and click and collect

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to a takeaway, so think about offering both delivery and click and collect options – that way, all types of customers can access your food.

You can use Square’s Food Delivery Software to organise your online orders and keep everything in one place.

Our partner Deliverect connects your POS system with popular online sales channels, from Deliveroo to UberEats – so you can make the most of their audience reach too.

Seasonal and special events

Make the most of national holidays, seasonal changes and special events that run throughout the year. Consumers are typically searching for deals at these times – so, it’s the ideal opportunity to boost sales, while catering to your existing consumers.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate events into your restaurant’s takeaway offering:

Change up your menu with the seasons, bringing in pumpkin flavours during the autumn, lighter alternatives in the summer and Christmas-inspired items in December.

Launch a competition across your social media to celebrate a significant date or event – like an upcoming bank holiday, restaurant anniversary or international sporting competition. The winner could win a free takeaway, for instance.

Consider partnering up with other local food or drink businesses to host a collaborative event offering an exclusive menu available for one weekend only.

Set up a loyalty programme

Loyalty is vital to any business’s success. And what better way to drive your customers’ loyalty than with a dedicated programme?

Reward customers for their loyalty by offering them:

  • Money off after a certain number of orders.

  • A free item on their fifth or 10th orders.

  • Loyalty points each time they order, which go towards a free takeaway.

  • Exclusive discounts when they sign up to your emails or monthly newsletter.

  • Special promotions on their birthday.

You can use Square Marketing to design your own emails and set up an email list of subscribed customers. This can help you launch a loyalty programme, as well as send out discounts on special events or birthdays.

Square Loyalty also lets you track your customer’s rewards, so you can add points when they dine with you in-person too. Plus, with sellers seeing a 40% increase in customer visit frequency, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Give your customers what they want

When it comes to driving more takeaway sales, your customers are your best asset – so make sure you provide what they’re looking for.
Square can help you improve your customer engagement with a feedback tool that makes it easy to listen to your customers.

Ask for reviews of your takeaway service and shape the service, menu and packaging accordingly. If your customers are demanding a click and collect or delivery service, try to accommodate their requests. It’s a simple way to guarantee more takeaway sales.

If they’re asking for more eco credentials, consider how you can make your takeaway services more sustainable. It could be a great way to secure new customers who want to know their Friday night takeaway isn’t harming the planet.

As you can see, there are many ways to drive your restaurant’s takeaway sales. It’s all about thinking creatively, listening to your customers and spreading the word.

For more support with your takeaway services, check out our all-in-one Square for Restaurants POS system and take your restaurant’s success to the next level.