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your orders in one place.

Skip manual order entry with our delivery software that pushes all your online orders directly to your POS—Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, and more delivery partner orders all show up on the same tablet through an integration with Deliverect.

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Receive all online orders through one tablet and automatically print kitchen tickets

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Get consolidated reports for your online orders right in your Square Dashboard.

Grow profits by accessing the largest network for diners across the UK.

An integration with Deliverect gives you access to Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, and more than 13 other delivery partners that service millions of UK households.

Available now with Square for Restaurants

Deliverect integrates with Square for Restaurants and Square Point of Sale so you can manage your orders more efficiently by syncing your delivery platforms with your POS. Square customers can purchase a Deliverect subscription at a discounted price of £39 per month.

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