How to Apply for the Victorian Government’s Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

Small Business Adaptation Program

Need help getting your business started with selling online? The Victorian Government has partnered with 14 suppliers, including Square, to run a Small Business Digital Adaptation program, offering up to a $1200 rebate to businesses that are eligible, to help them get set up online. You could use the rebate for projects like upgrading your website, improving cash flow, online marketing initiatives, project management and improving inventory management.

How to apply for the rebate

Step 1: Check if your business is eligible

To be eligible, your business must be located & operating in Victoria; hold an Australian Business Number (ABN); have held that ABN & registered for GST on 13 Sept 2019.

Step 2: Sign up to Square

Sign up with Square if you’re not already an existing Square user, and purchase your preferred hardware or software solution. Simply download the invoice for the new product, service or upgrade and submit it to the Victorian Government for reimbursement of up to $1,200.

Step 3: Submit your invoice to the Victorian Government

After you have confirmed your business is eligible, and you’ve completed step 2, you need to complete the Government’s online rebate application form. Ensure you answer all questions and provide the required information, including proof of purchase. Once your application is accepted, the Victorian Government will reimburse you directly.

What do I receive for being part of this program?

Eligible businesses could receive a rebate of up to $1,200 to access selected digital business management tools for 12 months.

How do I know if my business is eligible?

The Small Business Digital Adaptation Program is for sole traders, micro businesses and small businesses. To be eligible for the program an applicant must:

  • Operate a business located in Victoria;
  • Hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Have held that ABN on 13 September 2019; and
  • Have not previously received a rebate in the program.

For more information on eligibility, you can contact Business Victoria on 13 22 15 or visit the Victorian Government website.

How long does the program run for?

The extended program will run from the 4th April 2022, with a closure date of 18th July 2022, unless program funds are exhausted prior.

What products/services does the program cover?

Products and services chosen by eligible businesses must be:

  • New, and not currently used by the business; or
  • An upgrade of an existing product/service with additional features providing specific digital adaptation capability (for example, upgrading an existing website to have more sophisticated eCommerce functionality); or
  • A product/service available under the program that has been used by the business before (more than 12 months ago) that it would like to resume using.

Can I use the rebate to purchase Square hardware?

Yes. As per the Program guidelines, as long as the proof of purchase submitted with your rebate application also shows the purchase or upgrade of a digital product (such as Square POS). For example, you could download your processing invoice with Square POS and submit that alongside your hardware receipt.

Still have more questions about the Program? It’s best to visit the Program website or contact Business Victoria directly on 13 22 15.