7 Features of Successful Beauty and Wellness Websites (and Why They Work)

Barbershop owner taking photo for his website, representing the many healthy and beauty website features available.

When you sell products and services in the health and beauty space, your website needs to speak to the personal and transformative nature of what you provide. You want to give clients a feel for the services you offer and build trust for the products you sell, all while making their online experience as stress-free as possible.

To accomplish that delicate balancing act, there are a few key website features and tools that can help.

Top health and beauty website features

Whether you run a barbershop, spa, or beauty products store, there are a number of top website features that will help you to drive customers — and build their health and beauty brands along the way.

1. Booking button

Most times, your customers will try to quickly book before another customer grabs an appointment slowly using both a booking button and the shopping button in the header of your site, you can make it easy for visitors to schedule appointments and buy from your online store.
Putting the ‘book now’ and ‘shop now’ buttons in the top part of the website makes it quick and convenient for your customers.

As such, customers can schedule an appointment without having to call in. This gives you more time to build relationships when customers do come into your business.

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2. Services page with the ability to book directly

A page detailing the services you provide is another important website section that can encourage visitors to schedule appointments, especially if they’re able to book each service directly. Think of this page as a menu, allowing clients to easily glance at the option they’d like to order up, saving them time before they walk into your spa or salon — and during the appointment itself.

Having such a detailed service page within your website can help your clients - before making an appointment or entering your location, your clients will already know a little more about what you do and what service they can schedule. Each service can include a description, cost, and time so the client can better manage their time when visiting your business.

By explaining what your appointment includes and the benefits clients will get out of it, it motivates people to try it out, especially if you offer more unique services. For instance, customers might not know what the service includes if you provide specialised services inspired by beauty trends, like root smudges or beard grooming. Customers are typically more inclined to reserve an appointment when they know exactly what they’ll get out of it.

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3. Updated online store

For many businesses that provide services, selling retail can be an effective way to bring in more revenue.For example, some beauty businesses are giving clients the option of purchasing branded merchandise tagged with their logo, like shirts and hats, along with hair products they may have tried while getting a cut. While this can see clients buy more products in your salon, adding an online store as well gives customers another option in case they want to restock, try something new, or support your brand by sporting your goods.

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4. Detailed product descriptions and photographs

Another example could be a boutique that sells health and wellness products, with their website featuring the same highly curated brands they carry in their physical store. Beauty and wellness products are inherently personal since you apply them to your skin and hair and customers are more likely to buy those items if they have detailed product descriptions and photos.

Put plenty of information in your product descriptions, so you can target people who may have an allergy to something or are looking for vegan products.

There’s no try-before-you-buy option with beauty and personal care products, so in addition to the comprehensive product descriptions, make sure you include multiple photos showing your products at various angles, giving customers a clear idea of what they’re going to get.

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    5. About us page

You want to use your About Us page to share your story and your passion for the industry. It also needs to explain who you are and the type of services you specialise in, compelling potential customers to give your business a try.

6. Customer reviews section

Adding a customer reviews section to your site can give new clients and shoppers the confidence to take the plunge and book an appointment, or add a new product to their cart. The reviews section serves as a bridge so that your potential customers who browse your site are encouraged to leave their reviews.

Whether you embed reviews on the page directly or send visitors to external review sites like Yelp or Google, having a website section where people can easily check out what customers are saying about you helps build trust in your business.

A dedicated section or page also increases your review count, since new and returning customers have an easy way to review your business without having to search. And reviews signal to Google that your site is trustworthy, enabling you to drive even more traffic to your website.

7. Social media feed integration

A social media section on your website is a simple way to connect customers with your brand and give a peek into what they may experience, which can ultimately lead to more sales.

Showing a thread of Instagram posts on the homepage, for example, gives your customers a quick visual of what you are working on in your storefront, what you have cooking behind the scenes, and what positive message they may receive from your business in general. Placing the feed on your homepage also encourages more followers, since they can browse individual posts and follow you directly on Instagram.

You can also make your social media feeds shoppable, which is another way to encourage customers to shop and book, generating more sales.
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The health and beauty website features above create more opportunities for clients to take action while browsing your page. Whether you want customers to quickly book an appointment, buy a product, or learn more about why they can trust you, each of these features can be incorporated in lightweight ways while bringing people deeper into your business.