Marketing Ideas For Beauty Businesses

Marketing Ideas For Beauty Businesses
Does your salon marketing need a makeover? Square Marketing offers many ways to communicate effectively with your client base and increase bookings.
by Square Jan 20, 2022 — 2 min read
Marketing Ideas For Beauty Businesses

If you run a business in the beauty, hair or personal care industry, you know how important it is to stay in touch with clients, and to attract new ones. Building strong client relationships is an ongoing effort that isn’t confined to what happens inside the four walls of your salon.

By using connected tools to market your business and drive loyalty, you’ll be able to make sure those good clients keep coming back, and that they tell their friends about you too!

Read on for some email marketing tactics that can be especially effective for beauty businesses that need a marketing makeover.

Create ‘always-on’ email campaigns

For when you want…

With automated email campaigns running in the background, you can give yourself some time back to work on your business rather than spending countless hours on emails. There are many different reasons you might want to set up automated campaigns. One example is to communicate effectively with brand new clients and make them stick.

You could have a ‘welcome’ email campaign running, with a special offer coupon for them to redeem on a follow-up visit, or with a request to positively review your business on Google or Facebook if they are happy with the service. An automated campaign like this takes the grunt work out of follow-up marketing and allows your client relationships to grow from the very beginning.

Customise bespoke campaigns for your regulars

For when you want…

You know best what makes your clients tick. Maybe it’s the complimentary drink with their hair cut, or that they get every 10th treatment for free. Other clients might value being able to book a priority appointment as soon as a cancellation comes in.

With bespoke campaigns set up through Square Marketing, you can cater to each and every type of client using the smart groups feature. This targeting can make everyone who walks through your salon door feel special – even when they’re at home. It’s easy to customise any pre-built template, add limited-time coupon codes or share personalised offers that will keep your clients booking.

Give client emails a glow up

Use this when…

Long after you’ve flipped the “closed” sign on the door and swept the floors, your brand is still busy working to drive new clients to your business. Your brand is apparent through your website, your social media presence, your online reviews and your email communications.

With Square Marketing, you have access to all the tools needed to deliver professional-looking emails, customised with your own brand elements, colours and fonts. In the beauty industry, building a strong brand can be just as important as the quality of service you provide. Now you can be confident that your brand experience will be consistent and professional at every touch point.

To get started with these powerful email marketing tactics and many more, sign up for Square Marketing today. With a free 30-day trial you can start using templates and tools to grow your business and see the powerful results of email marketing in action.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

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