Square Gift Cards Have Arrived in Australia

Looking for a simple way to attract new customers and boost your sales in the run up to the holiday season? Square Gift Cards have just arrived in Australia to help you do just that.

We’re launching both physical plastic and eGift cards, meaning whatever the size of your business, there’s a great solution available for your customers.

Here’s what you need to know.

Plastic Gift Cards

Our plastic gift cards are a great solution for businesses with a physical location. You can display them on your countertop, feature them on social media and sell them at events or pop-ups.

There are three options available:

  • Starter Packs
    Start small with 20 gift cards — a great way to test out the product and get your gift cards programme off the ground.

  • Quick Cards
    You can add your business name to one of our background templates, adding a personalised touch to your gift cards. Orders start at 75 gift cards and take 6 - 10 business days to produce.

  • Custom Cards
    For a fully branded approach, check out our Custom Cards. You can upload your own artwork or logo for a completely custom set of cards for your business. Orders start at 75 gift cards and take 20 business days to produce.

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Digital eGift Cards

Bring in new buyers when your customers purchase eGift cards online or in person and email them to their friends and family.

Our digital eGift cards are free to setup — all you pay is the 2.2% processing rate when the customer buys a gift card from you.

Square eGift Cards integrate seamlessly with Square Point of Sale. You have two options to sell them:

  1. Let customers buy them online via a link from your website and gift them via email.
  2. Sell them in-store at your point of sale. You can guide customers through the process of choosing a design and an amount, then email them the gift card so they can send it on to their recipient.

You can even share a direct link to your eGift cards via social media, and customers can gift from anywhere, at any time.

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What are the benefits of using gift cards?

  • Grow your customer base
    Gift cards are a good way to build your customer base — when a customer buys a gift card for their friends or family, they’re introducing new customers to your business.

  • Turn a refund into a new sale
    Offering gift cards as an option can turn a refund into a future sale.

  • The holidays are coming
    With the gift of experience becoming ever popular, having gift cards available is the perfect way to allow your customers to share their favourite local business with friends and family this Christmas.

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