5 Tips To Help Prepare Your Business For Retail Christmas Trade

As retailers around the country prepare for a busy Christmas shopping season, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. But Australian shoppers are projected to spend more than $48 billion in retail stores over the Christmas trading period, so it’s important to be prepared.

We asked five successful Square sellers to share their advice on how to best get ready for the holiday season. Read on for their tips below.

Have the right systems in place

“Make sure you have a solid plan in place for the Christmas sales season. For us, it’s making sure we are prepared for the spike in sales and have systems in place across all aspects of the business. As Winston Churchill once said, ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail.’”

— Adam Jelic, founder of Mi Goals, the Australian stationery brand that’s building a global community of dream chasers and action takers. Follow Mi Goals on Instagram at @MiGoals.

A suite of tools made just for retailers

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Keep it simple

“We can only anticipate rather than make ‘hopeful expectations.’ I have learnt to keep it simple and not try anything new in the lead up to Christmas. If you’ve created great leads throughout the year, then the sales will come organically.”

— George Bauer, founder of That Dapper Chap, which helps to keep Melbourne’s men well- dressed with its finest handmade bow ties and pocket squares. Follow That Dapper Chap on Instagram at @ThatDapperChap.

Make it memorable

“Christmas is my favourite part of the year, so I make sure I am fully stocked to allow me time to create those special, custom-made pieces for customers and their loved ones. It’s all about making it a memorable experience for you and your customers.”

— Erin Browne, founder of Tinka the Label, which specialises in unique, handmade jewellery sold throughout local markets and events. Follow Erin on Instagram (and see how she uses social media to engage her customers) at @TinkatheLabel.

Prepare early

“If you plan to be everywhere so you can make the most of the Christmas shopping frenzy, first make sure your house is in order. As obvious and cheesy as it sounds, ensure that you have the loose ends tidied, supplies ready, collateral printed, and try to be primed and ready to face the chaos as best you can!”

— Chantel Camilleri, founder of Bon Lux, who blend the finest fragrances to create unique scents for every small-batch soy candle they produce. Follow Bon Lux on Instagram at @bonluxcandles.

Pay attention to details

“Organisation is key to survival. Be organised with stock, paperwork and orders so you can make sure to deliver on those finer details, whether its packaging or handwritten notes that set you apart. It’s those small but wonderful things that make all the difference!”

— Amanda Rayfield, owner of Hello Heartbreak studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Along with her gorgeous sidekick Mims, Rayfield showcases the finest of local and international design, arts and crafts. Follow her business on Instagram at @HelloHeartbreakStore.