Talking Babies and Business With New Mum Cassie From Edward & I

“Almost ten months in, I can say I am still trying to work it all out. I am sure the feeling will never go away and the juggle will always be there.”

— Cassie, Owner Edward & I

Let’s be honest, mums are superheroes. Externally they take it all in their stride. Somehow living a double life, balancing motherhood, family, friends, personal matters and for some — running a business. But it’s not easy, the juggle is real and the saying ‘it takes a village’ rings true for many business owners/mums. We recently sat down with new mum Cassie, Owner of Edward & I (and little Etta), to chat about becoming a new mum while owning your own business, the constant balance, her village, highs, lows and everything in between. Plus Cassie’s advice for future mums-to-be.

SQ: Let’s chat about being a new mum and a business owner, how is it going?

C: Almost ten months in, I can say I am still trying to work it all out. I am sure the feeling will never go away and the juggle will always be there. My partner Simon also works for a family business and we are able to share our Etta time throughout the day and night to ensure we both get work done.

Amongst the juggle trying to create some sort of balance, I am very thankful I am able to choose the amount of days I am in the shop, as well as the days I work from home. I have a wonderful team who are very supportive of my role as new mumma and this allows me to work from home some days each week.

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SQ: What has been your biggest challenge/adjustment since becoming a mum?

C: Balance for sure. On the days I am trying to work from home and Etta is by my side, I just want to put my mum hat on. I now have dedicated days to working at home and days I try not to think about work and just enjoy my time with Etta. Planning an outing on my weekdays off is a great way to leave work behind.

SQ: What do you love about being a mum and a business owner?

C: The flexibility in being able to choose my work days has definitely been a positive. Nanna and nonna both look after Etta one day each per week. We are very blessed that she is able to spend valuable time with family.

Knowing Etta is in safe, loving company makes the days I spend away from her easier. The separation has given me the opportunity to find myself and my love for my business again. I am sure every other mumma can relate to the feeling of going back to work and enjoying the time for them.

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SQ: Any advice for soon-to-be parents and fellow business owners?

C: Before you head off on leave, make sure you set up your team to work without you there. If you work solo, make sure you block out your calendar in the early months so you can enjoy the magic of getting to know your little one without the stress of leaving them for work. Paid maternity leave is wonderful and if you can use it, it’s there for a reason.

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