A Cut and a Color? The Easiest Way to Schedule Multiple Services in One Appointment

Sometimes your clients just want a straight-up haircut. Other times, they want to throw in colour or perhaps some styling. Now Square Appointments makes it super-easy for both you and your clients to book multiple services as part of a single appointment.

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This also means you have more control over your appointment times (and prices). Have a client with particularly long locks? You can add 10 minutes (and maybe $10) to the haircut.

Here’s how the new feature works. From your Appointments dashboard, just create a new appointment from the calendar and adjust the duration and the cost of the service (if needed). To add an additional service, just select “Add another service” from the drop-down menu.

multiple services seller side

You can also give your clients the option of booking multiple services on their end. To enable this feature, head to the Business section of your dashboard and click Settings. Then turn on the “Allow multiple services to be booked online” option.

When people go to book a service, below is what they’ll see. Don’t worry, the system only allows clients to book services that a single staff member can provide on that day. So no need to stress that someone will book an appointment you can’t manage!