How a Customer-Facing Display Can Enhance your POS

How a Customer-Facing Display Can Enhance your POS
Square point of sale and customer facing display providing essential POS and payments for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
by Square May 10, 2022 — 2 min read
How a Customer-Facing Display Can Enhance your POS

Today’s customer expects to be able to drive many elements of the point-of-sale experience – and the right display screen functionality can offer just that. A customer-facing display on the POS is fast becoming an essential for many businesses across Australia. Providing benefits to both the customer and the merchant, it’s a significant feature that can set businesses apart from the competition and deliver an improved customer experience.

Square’s integrated point-of-sale and payments solutions, including the new Square Stand, include a customer-facing display and work as part of a seamlessly connected selling ecosystem, adapting to the needs of your business. Read on to learn more about how different types of businesses can benefit, and what to expect from this feature of Square Stand.

For hospitality businesses

Hospitality businesses from bars to cafes and busy quick-service restaurants can all benefit from a customer-facing display at the point of sale.

Order accuracy. Sometimes even coffee orders can get complicated. With the customer-facing display on Square Stand, your customers have a clear view of the order you’ve taken, right there on the display screen. This confirmation from the customer is a surefire way to avoid mistakes and deliver exactly what was ordered.

Speedy checkouts. With the current staff shortages hitting hospitality businesses hard, your team is probably busy and wearing many hats. You can ease some of the burden with the customer-facing display; the customer-driven checkout allows the customer to complete their payment independently on their own private POS screen, while your cashiers and FOH staff can multitask.

Prompt more tips. The customer-facing display on hardware registers like Square Stand and Square Register and even the handheld all-in-one Square Terminal can help your business encourage tipping. If your business chooses to enable tipping, an intuitive tipping screen will display for your customer at the end of the transaction.

For retailers

In addition to the benefits already mentioned for hospitality businesses, merchants selling in a retail environment can expect:

Fewer returns and exchanges. With a clear customer-facing display right in front of your customers, key details are visible when it counts. For example, your customer will see the item description, cut and size of the jeans they just bought – rather than discovering a mistake when they take them out of the shopping bag at home later.

A personal touch. Apart from allowing your customer to pay securely on their own private display, the customer display allows them to select their receipt delivery method too. They’ll simply tap their preferred option on the screen. It’s one less step for your team to complete at checkout.
For hair and beauty businesses
Keep your salon desk clean and streamlined while offering a customer experience that’s a cut above the rest.

A customer display that takes up no extra space. If space at your spa or salon is at a premium, or you simply don’t like the look of too much hardware, the new Square Stand might be the ideal solution. The Square Stand POS screen swivels to turn 180 degrees to face your client, and back to you. Your client can pay and complete the checkout experience from a distance, with privacy and flexibility.

Flexible options are everything when you’re running and growing a business that takes regular payments. Square’s customer display options offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to how and where you process transactions. You can add as many terminals as makes sense for the size and layout of your unique business.

Consider adding a device – or numerous devices – that offer a customer-facing display to your point-of-sale setup. You could find your customers and customers will thank you, and even reward you with repeat visits and increased sales.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

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