Tips to Help You Prevent Shoplifting

Tips to Help You Prevent Shoplifting
Master retail loss prevention: identify high-risk items, educate staff, monitor blind spots, interact with customers and schedule staff effectively.
by Square Nov 10, 2015 — 1 min read
Tips to Help You Prevent Shoplifting

Whether you call it shoplifting, stealing or shrinkage, nobody likes to see products disappear from their retail store. But finding a strategy for loss prevention is a necessary part of doing business, so here are some tips for minimising shoplifting.

Identify your high-risk items

Shoplifters usually try to steal small and easily concealed items (such as jewellery). Display these things in a locked case close to the counter so your employees can easily monitor them.

Teach your staff to watch for theft

Educating your team members about shoplifting and loss prevention techniques is a strong defence. Explain what they need to watch out for and talk about how to avoid distractions and scams.

Keep an eye on your blind spots

Every retail environment has areas without a clear line of sight from the cash register. Ensure that your team is actively monitoring all areas of your store (from the dressing rooms to the back corners) to reduce shoplifting opportunities. Dressing rooms are areas where people cannot be monitored, so be sure to have your staff check the number of items customers take in, and then check again on their way out.

Interact with your customers

Always greet customers as they walk through the door, and make sure staff are circulating and checking in with them regularly. Not only will you be providing a friendlier level of customer service, you’ll also be demonstrating that you actively monitor your shop to make it harder for shoplifting to occur.

Schedule staff effectively

You can’t predict the unexpected, but using your sales data from Square Dashboard should help you anticipate the busiest times, such as weekend afternoons or holidays. Maintaining a bare-bones staff can leave you wide open for shoplifting if the store gets crowded. It’s a common tactic for one person to distract an employee, while another person pockets the merchandise.

Install cameras and mirrors

If you’ve been burned before and want to get serious about preventing (and prosecuting) shoplifters, you can equip your store with cameras and security mirrors. Although installing these tools isn’t cheap, they’re often the most effective way to deter theft, which will help your bottom line in the long run.

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