The A–Z of Efficiency-Boosting Business Apps

The A–Z of Efficiency-Boosting Business Apps
Discover the A–Z of Efficiency-Boosting Business Apps! From scheduling to accounting, streamline your workflows and boost productivity with Square integrations.
by Square Aug 03, 2023 — 7 min read
The A–Z of Efficiency-Boosting Business Apps

There’s no shortage of apps in the market – from games to banking, entertainment streaming to social media, and healthcare to food delivery. If you need a service, chances are there’s an app for that. In fact, mobile app developers have created almost 9 million of them globally, and more are being developed, tested and launched every day.

Many of those 9 million apps were developed explicitly to help business owners and their teams save time, improve workflows and increase day-to-day efficiency. But we know that most business owners have neither the time nor the energy to trawl through such a massive pile to find the business app that’s right for them.

So we’ve done it for you! In no particular order, here is our A–Z list of timesaving, efficiency-boosting business apps. Better still, the vast majority of these are available on the Square App Marketplace and integrate directly with Square to help you work smarter, not harder.

1. Square Appointments

Scheduling that puts time in your hands. Square Appointments is the scheduling system for bookings, point of sale and payments in one. Manage your calendars, fill gaps with a waitlist and protect your bottom line with no-show protection. Square Appointments has three plans and you can start for free.

2. Cloutly

Positive reviews can lead to business success, just as easily as negative reviews can break it. Equally, an absence of reviews might ring alarm bells for some customers and clients. Cloutly automatically collates Google reviews and those from more than 40 other sites, such as Facebook and TripAdvisor or after a Square transaction. With a reputation dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor and showcase reviews, while your review landing page will direct prospective clients to all your positive reviews in one place. What’s more, with personalised review requests, you’ll be able to get more testimonials. That’s a five-star opportunity to attract more customers.

2. Square Online

For many businesses, eCommerce is a vital ingredient to driving sales. But establishing an online store can be a complicated process. Square Online is the complete eCommerce solution for new business owners and those looking to expand online. It’s simple to use so anyone can launch a professional online store, taking your business to the world.

3. Dashlane

With many business functions now occurring online, and with most businesses utilising a range of services and providers, cyber and data security is more important than ever. And your first line of defence is your password. Dashlane helps you manage your passwords safely and keeps them secure, so you don’t have to bother trying to remember them all (or worse, using the same one over and over!). With an in-built VPN and dark web monitoring, Dashlane helps keep your accounts and your customer’s data secure.

4. Ecwid

Another eCommerce solution, Ecwid is already used by 1.6 million businesses globally to integrate their website, social media channels and online marketplaces into one simple-yet-comprehensive eCommerce solution. But for those business owners new to the online game, Ecwid allows you to build your online store without having to learn to code. It has simple product management features and SEO and marketing capabilities, and you can streamline your operations further by integrating it with Square.

5. FreshBooks

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader, FreshBooks helps you streamline financial management, invoicing, expenses and reporting. Create sleek, professional invoices and automate payments, and use the app on the go to track mileage and expenses. Plus, when you connect FreshBooks with Square, you can save time manually entering sales data and keep your tax and expense tracking up to date in real-time. Now, that’s efficient!

6. Hootsuite

Social media is essential for spreading the good news about your business and driving sales. But with so many platforms out there, it can be hard to keep up. Enter Hootsuite, a social media management platform that allows businesses to streamline their social media presence. You’ll be able to save time by managing your social media accounts – from Instagram and LinkedIn, to Facebook and Twitter – all from a single dashboard. With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts, monitor industry keywords and conversations, and analyse the performance of your published content.

7. Intuit QuickBooks Online

Who would want to be bogged down in data entry when they could be spending their time growing their business? Import up to 18 months of your past Square transactions, and let Intuit QuickBooks Online match your transfers, payments, refunds and fees to your bank statement for accounting ease. You’ll thank yourself at tax time!

8. Jotform

Jotform is an online drag-and-drop form builder and data collection tool that allows users to create and manage forms, surveys and questionnaires. And with a Square and Jotform integration, you can collect payments, membership fees and donations through online forms to simplify those messy payment processes. With its collaborative functionality, you can assign actions to team members, and its customisable branding will help you maintain brand consistency.

9. Square Marketing

Are you looking to market your business anywhere online, but don’t have marketing experience?

Square Marketing might be the platform for you. Square Marketing is a simple and reliable way to advertise online. The platform not only helps you attract new customers, but helps you target existing customers with ads relevant to them, leading to increased web traffic, and ultimately, increased sales!

10. Linktree

Selling on Facebook? What about Etsy? Instagram? EBay? Sounds like a healthy eCommerce landscape, but it might also mean you have a lot of different links to manage! With Linktree you don’t need to manage multiple links across your platforms – just update your Linktree page and your new content will be reflected across all the channels your Linktree URL is shared. Simple!

11. Mailchimp

One of the world’s leading email marketing platforms, Mailchimp allows your business to create, send and manage email marketing campaigns to reach your audience in a more targeted way. When you connect Mailchimp with Square, you import contacts based on their interactions with your business, then more effectively and efficiently engage with them, delivering content, offers and information that is most relevant to them.

12. Notion

Notion is a note taking and task-management application that has consolidated a bunch of tools into one powerful platform. The workspace allows you to manage tasks, documents, projects and to-do lists individually, or collaboratively with your team or clients.

13. Omnifocus

Another app aimed at making you more productive, OmniFocus offers task management software for business owners and employees. In helping you prioritise your tasks through its smart organisation and integration with popular calendars, you can boost your productivity, which is always good for business.

14. Planday

Workforce administration is a major time drain for many business owners. But Planday offers workforce management software that helps you keep on top of employee rostering, attendance tracking, and labour expenses and forecasting. With Planday, you can even track and manage employee contracts and holiday entitlements.

15. Quaderno

It’s essential to get right, but let’s face it, tax compliance can be a time-consuming drag for any business. It doesn’t have to be, though. Quaderno simplifies your tax compliance by automating your invoicing and tax reporting. And if your business operates in multiple countries, connect Square with Quaderno to automatically track tax thresholds in each jurisdiction you operate in.

16. Red Cross First Aid

Whether you’re a sole trader, operate online only with a small team or are running large brick-and-mortar premises with lots of staff, having a first aid guide in your pocket is a smart move. Red Cross First Aid is a free guide to first aid and CPR so that, in a worst case scenario, you’ll be there for your employees, customers and contractors.

17. SKU IQ

If you run a business with multiple physical locations and online sales channels, keeping track of your inventory can be a bit of a headache. SKU IQ helps businesses centralise their inventory management with real-time inventory synchronisation, meaning you can rest assured your reported stock levels are up-to-date all the time. With automated replenishments and integration with your Square POS, you’ll no longer need to bother with dual data entry across platforms, and you’ll have access to omnichannel analytics all in one place.

18. Todoist

If you’re looking for a task management app, Todoist helps you organise your life so you can get on with running your business. You can customise tasks with due dates, reminders and recurring schedules, and share lists and tasks with colleagues. You can also set goals, track your productivity and make use of templates to tackle any project that lands on your desk.

19. UKG Dimensions

UKG Dimensions is a workforce management tool that delivers HR management to your mobile phone. It helps business owners efficiently track employee hours, payroll, and government and industry compliance. And with its insights on team productivity, you can support your team directly from your mobile phone!

20. Viva Engage

For businesses with multiple staff across multiple sites, Viva Engage is a social community app that encourages engagement and knowledge sharing among your employees. The platform allows you and your team to strengthen relationships through a variety of features that allow for sharing content, stories and interests. With engaged and connected staff, your business will be a more enjoyable place to work.

21. Wix

Forget learning how to code – with Wix, you can create websites and mobile sites with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools. Your website will be fully customisable, has eCommerce functionality, and a blogging platform so you can better communicate with your customers and clients.

22. Xero

With Xero’s online accounting software, you’ll be able to manage your business finances quickly and simply. The Xero software allows you to handle transactions and invoicing on the go, and by linking your Square account, Xero will import your sales data and manage your accounting for you.

23. Yotpo Loyalty

Yotpo Loyalty is a customer loyalty and rewards platform that helps you manage your business’s loyalty program to boost customer engagement and retention. With Yotpo, you can run a points and rewards system, customised loyalty programs and referral programs that seamlessly integrate with Square to track customer point balances.

24. Zoho Books

More accounting support – Zoho Books offers end-to-end accounting, from managing invoicing and expenses to banking and inventory tracking. With software that manages your finances for you and works hand in glove with Square’s payment processing options, you’ll have more time to devote to running and growing your business.

That’s it! Our alphabetical omnibus of business apps. But with so many to choose from, we’ve only scratched the surface. There are a whole lot more waiting for you on the Square App Marketplace. Whatever the kind of business you operate or plan to establish, you can start by searching for the service you want to integrate with Square or the customer problem you need to solve. Chances are, there’s an app tailor-made to improve your business’s efficiency and boost its sales.

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