Setting Up Your Best Window Display for the Holidays

Setting Up Your Best Window Display for the Holidays
Learn to craft an enticing holiday window display for your store. Highlighting products and creating scenes with these tips will attract customers.
by Square Dec 02, 2016 — 2 min read
Setting Up Your Best Window Display for the Holidays

Setting up a bold and bright holiday window display is a great way to showcase your products and draw attention to your store.

When should you start decorating your shop window for the holiday season? As early as possible. Many customers have already started their Christmas shopping, so now is the time to ensure that you can make the most of foot traffic as we move into December.

Here are nine simple ideas for creating retail holiday windows that grab customers’ attention:

Highlight your product or your brand

Decide whether your main goal is to show off a particular product, or showcase your shop’s overall brand. Myer’s famous Christmas windows focus on its brand, and they’re so fun and vibrant that they draw queues of customers. Whichever you choose, draw up a plan before you start designing.

Avoid clutter

Clean and neatly curated holiday windows generally have a stronger visual impact than those that are chock-full of products and decorations. This is especially true when your products are more expensive — cramming a lot of costly items together can make them look cheap.

Don’t lose the window

Successful holiday window displays should also allow customers to see into the store. Don’t lose the real purpose of your window by filling it up with too many images or objects!

Identify a hero product

Choose an item you want to draw attention to and make it the focal point of your display. A higher-priced item that is visually striking or unique should be supported with ample breathing space for greater impact.

Create a scene

Think about what the holidays mean to your customers, and get creative. Nativity scenes, summer beach outings, and Christmas trees are all good starts.

Make a tree

Arrange your merchandise into a triangular tower so it can represent a Christmas tree. Think socks hung on a Christmas tree (Happy Socks is a great example of this approach) or a pyramid of books.

Create height

Ensure that your products are at eye level where people can easily see them. Get out your ladder and make the most of your window’s vertical space to display more products and create better visibility. Utilise wooden plinths, shelves or crates arranged to create additional flat surfaces to display products. Hanging products from the ceiling is another creative way to use height to your advantage.

Make it light and bright

Whether you’re using Christmas tree lights, display lights or highlights, consider adding a spotlight or two so your retail window display pops and draws attention at night.

Walk by

Test your display and see what works. Go outside and walk by your store window. Pay attention to what catches your eye, and note whether it’s easy to identify what you’re trying to sell or not. Consider what might be getting lost in the display, then make adjustments accordingly.

You should have everything you need to start implementing the perfect retail window display to attract holiday shoppers. Get on it!

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