8 Apps Entrepreneurs Use to Stay Productive and Organised

8 Apps Entrepreneurs Use to Stay Productive and Organised
Technology has made it easier than ever to stay for entrepreneurs to be efficient and focus on money-making ideas. Here are 8 of our favorites.
by Meredith Galante Jan 20, 2018 — 2 min read
8 Apps Entrepreneurs Use to Stay Productive and Organised


Evernote’s web and mobile app helps you create digital notebooks, so you can keep your ideas and meeting notes more organised. Take pictures of your notes and tag them, and Evernote will help you sort them for easy, organised access when you need them again. You can even sort receipts to help with reimbursements or budgets. Evernote also sells notebooks and Post-it Notes that make syncing with the app even easier.

Download on iOS or Android here.


Communication among your team is important for the success of your business. This team communication tool organises thoughts, ideas, and conversations, and allows you to access them anywhere you go. You can hashtag certain topics or members, and get alerts on important topics.

Download on iOS or Android here.


Every successful entrepreneur needs a to-do list. This mobile-friendly one is great for projects with many moving pieces, and it allows you to create tasks and subtasks. The to-do list is also shareable with your team, so everyone can stay on track and hold each other accountable for progress. There is a free version, but if you pay for the upgrade you can add documents for deeper integration.

Download on iOS or Android here.


As an entrepreneur, you’re on the go a lot, but you still need to sign documents, contracts, and more in real-time. This app eliminates the burden of needing to print, sign, and scan a document to be sent back. Using your finger, you can sign the document and convert to PDF all from your phone.

Download on iOS or Android here.

Square Point of Sale

Square’s free POS app lets you ring up customers in seconds and includes basic inventory management features. It also lets you send professional online invoices (which are free to send) straight from your mobile device. If you’re on the go a lot — and what entrepreneur isn’t — you can also access real-time, in-depth reporting in the app. This can help you catch issues or spot opportunities that you can act on quickly.

Download on iOS or Android here.


Easy file sharing between you and your team helps you push out information, changes, or plans quickly. Dropbox also allows editing in the app, across multiple devices. Need to share a video or photo? Dropbox has you covered there too.

Download on iOS or Android free, or upgrade at various business pricing.

Google Drive

If your personal or business email account is through Gmail, you can also share and create documents via Google Drive. Spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and more can be created, shared, edited, or more from any tablet, mobile device, or computer.

Download on iOS or Android for free here.


If you’re doing this entrepreneur thing right, you’re meeting a lot of cool and interesting people. The next important step is remembering their contact info. CamCard allows you to snap a photo of a person’s business card and have all the information uploaded into a contact. If the person you’re exchanging cards with also has CamCard, you can exchange e-business cards, eliminating the need for the extra paper.

Download on iOS or Android here.

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